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Road Shows

Angel Investing and Business Lending

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Simplifying angel investing and business lending. Presenting startup road shows at the comfort of your personal computing device. Invest like your stock market. Choice of startup equity, project debt and working capital. Get access to investor memorandums with detailed business plan including the background, experience of the management team, product features, analysis of the competitive landscape and past results. Raise your questions, interact with management and angel invest at your convenience and comfort level. We do an independent due diligence on each project and provide a rating to each road show. See our ratings and comments, interact with other investors, chat with the founders and judge each opportunity independently. Angel invest with risk insurance in the form of diversification. Diversify with smaller investments and contain your exposure. If you are looking for more comfort, invest in campaigns where Bornbrio takes the role of the lead investors and commits its own capital.

Due Diligence

We do a due diligence with the help of accredited lawyers and internal team of experts and rate every roadshow and loan request

Know Founders

We opearte as a community with live feed and embedded Chat. Reach out to the founders to understand their vision and business better.

Contain Exposure

You bid based on your risk appetite and can potentally diversify across a wide base with small investment in each startup company.

Price & Bid

A transparent mechanism lets you monitor the demand and pricing. Bid based on your risk appetite and your valuation of price per unit.

"No Minimum Investment Requirement."

Note*: Startup Investments are risky. Please go through our investment risk document.

Turn Into a Lead Investor


Anchor Investments in Startups and Businesses

Develop an investment network willing to invest in your investment acumen. Syndicate online without international boundaries. Source global and offer local. Turn into a true angel investor by supporting game-changing ideas and facilitating innovation. If you intend to float securities tradeable in securities market, take our help for launching a blockchain based ICO. We do not charge any fees on fund syndicates and take a deal carry of 3.5% of the amount raised.


Anchor Invest | Co-invest | Direct Lend

Structures to optimize your portfolio

Pricing | Handholding | Transparency | Insurance

Best of Technology and Traditional

Lowest Fees

Lowest fees in the industry at USD 25 per bid and USD 5 per P2P loan offer. Only Deal carry and no upfront fees on fund syndicates.

Paper Work

All required paper work with startups is handled at our end with no cost to the investor. The charges are borne by the startup.

Direct Interface

You create a direct interface with the startups with no interference from our end. You are free to post questions and ask interviews.


We insure all P2P loans rated above B+ at additional cost of 4% of the capital lend. So go ahead and offer loans with complete peace of mind.

"Your Personalized Dashboard, Portfolio, Analytics and Much More"