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Businesses don't create value by running for bankers and investors, but by focusing on their core. Focus on innovation and business fundamentals and get the marketplace to find you the investor the funds. Create a startup capital market roadshow campaign to reach out to angel investors for equity and debt or to bornbrio community members for peer to peer working capital loans.


Capital Eligibility Criteria

Revenue Stream

A Revenue stream greater than 15% of the capital required and/or profits greater than 5% of the capital required.


An innovative idea published on bornbrio with more than 1000 votes from the members and a average score of 0.8 +

Credible Team

At least two founding members from an internationally well-known Engineering/ B-school or past record of a venture


A game changing technological innovation with at least the prototype ready or a patent granted under patent law

"If you meet any one of above, you are eligible for an equity or loan roadshow."

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Private Equity

Private Equity

Private equity capital by private placement to qualified angel investors

Syndicated Loans

Syndicated Debt

Syndicated Project debt for financially complex projects through qualified angel investors

Peer 2 Peer Lending

P2P Lending

Peer to peer short term working capital loans from bornbrio community members


Private Equity

A Roadshow markets your startup or business to the potential investors for investments in your company. When you submit a campaign, after our approval and ratings, an investor's memorandum reaches out to potential angel investors and VCs in the startup capital market or marketplace. Bornbrio, as an Innovation Investment Bank, takes the lead on campaigns that meet its investment criteria and syndicates the investment as a lead investor. We commit up to 50% capital where we syndicate as the lead investor. Investors considering investments raise questions and exchange opinions via the comment system and place their bid after their due diligence. This creates a process of book building where business owners and startup founders maximize valuation through the simple demand and supply economics.


Startup Capital Market
We commit up to 50% capital where we become the lead investor

Working Capital

Peer 2 Peer Lending

Working Capital Loans

We provide direct loans to profit making startups and SMEs. Where it is not possible for us to lend you directly, we encourage HNIs, companies providing secured and unsecured loans and community lenders (P2P lenders) in startup capital market / marketplace to make a direct offer as peer . Borrowers can receive multiple offers and select the offer that suits them most. These loans are typically less than 12 months of maturity and provided by a single individual or entity.


Project Finance

Debt Syndication for Complex Projects

If you are a startup or an SME struggling with debt syndication for your solar rooftop projects or an IOT business looking to penetrate the market by offering your product on installments, you have come to the right place. Don’t waste your time with banks as they won’t budge without your three years balance sheet. Reach out to startup capital market / marketplace for debt syndication and project finance.

Project Finance

Startups Speak

Startup Funding

How do I Fund My Startup ?

Your minimum resources have generated the first few customers and now you need funds to rapidly scale your business and take it to much larger pool of customer. You can reach out to an Angel Investor or an early stage VC fund for this growth capital. This round of funding is typically known as - Series A Funding. Getting appointments with VCs and Angel Investors may be a tedious task and sometime may consume time and efforts at the cost of the business. Bornbrio provides you an alternative where you can float an equity campaign with a flexible but realistic term sheet for the investors to consider live bids for stakes in your company. Imagine Angels across the world taking a peek and considering investment. You not only get the best deal, but also a quicker and better responses.

Smart Contracts

Create a Secondary Market

A smart contract based on Blockchain ICO (Initial Coin Offering) could help you establish a secondary market for your issued securities. This would increase the investor confidence with liquidity of your securities. Let us know if you would like to create an ICO. We will launch the ICO on-behalf of you on etherium or a similar platform. Your securities will then be tradable in the digital world.

Initial Coin Offering