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  1. I/We understand that sanction of the Loans and closure of Private Placement Campaigns is dependent on the quality of the project, returns offered to the investors and assumptions communicated and subsequently substantiated. Banks, Qualified Investors, Financial Institutions (affiliated lenders and investors) are free to take their view on the campaign and offer what they think is appropriate. All offers will be subject to my/our execution of necessary documents, providing securities and other closing formalities to the satisfaction of the concerned Investor. I/We agree that BORNBRIO at its sole discretion may reject my application/campaign without providing any reasons, and that I/We reserve no right to appeal against this decision.
  2. I/We declare that I am/we are residents of the country of address provided in the form and I/we declare, warrant and represent that all the particulars and information and details given / filled in this application form and documents given by me/us  are true, correct and accurate and I/we have not withheld / suppressed any material information. I/We undertake to furnish any additional information/ documents that may be required by BORNBRIO or its affiliates or partners from time to time. BORNBRIO reserves the right to retain the scans & the electronic copies of the documents submitted with the campaigns & may not return the same to the applicant.
  3. I/We confirm that there are no insolvency proceedings against me/us nor have I/we ever been adjudicated insolvent. I/We also undertake to inform BORNBRIO of changes in my/our occupation/employment and to provide any further information that the company may require. I/We shall advise BORNBRIO  on the change in my/our resident status.
  4. I/We agree that the funds raised will not be used for any speculative or anti-social purpose.
  5. As a pre-condition, relating to consideration of the campaigns as application for the loans, advances, credit and private placement facilities offered by BORNBRIO or its affiliates to me/us, I/We agree and give consent for the disclosure by BORNBRIO  of: I. information and data relating to me/us and our directors and  companies; II. the information or data relating to any credit facility availed of/to be availed, by me/us; and III. default, if any, committed by me/us, in discharge of any our obligations, to all or any third parties as may be deemed necessary at the sole discretion of BORNBRIO IV. All information submitted for the Campaign
  6. BORNBRIO may, as it reasonably deems appropriate and necessary, disclose and furnish information as set forth above to CIBIL (or Equivalent outside India) and/or any other agency authorized in this behalf by the Appropriate regulatory authority in my/our country of residence . I/We hereby agree that BORNBRIO shall be entitled to exchange information regarding our accounts with other financial institutions or banks, as and when required in accordance with Applicable Law and regulations.
  7. I/We undertake and acknowledge that: I. For the purpose of assessing our credit worthiness or feasibility of our project for equity, BORNBRIO is authorized to pull all details public or private including data of the applicant(s), directors,  companies, and any other individuals who are involved in the said business, on behalf of which this loan or private placement application is made; II. CIBIL and any other agency so authorized may use, process the said information and data disclosed by BORNBRIO in the manner as deemed fit by them; and III. CIBIL, and any other agency so authorized may furnish for consideration, the processed information and data or products thereof prepared by them, to banks/financial institutions and other credit grantors or registered users, as may be specified by the RBI in this behalf.
  8. I / We further confirm that our Campaign complies with the Foreign exchange, Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Institutional Investor Guidelines, Company's Act and other REGULATORY BODIES AND CENTRAL BANK REQUIREMEENTS( bodies such as SEBI, SEC, RBI ) in our country of residence and that we indemnify and its affiliates against breach of any applicable regulations.  Incase of a breach, BORNBRIO reserves the right to close my/our campaign without notice and can take legal action against us at our cost.
  9. I/We further authorize BORNBRIO  to keep me/us informed (vide telephone, SMS, mail, E-mail etc.) of all promotional schemes and/or activities.
  10. I/We confirm that we have carefully read and fully understood the Terms of ServicesPrivacy Policy Terms for Private Placement and /or Terms for Loan Campaigns listed on BORNBRIO website.
  11. I/We accept the terms & conditions unconditionally and agree that these terms and conditions may be amended or modified at any time and I/we will be bound by the amended terms & conditions that are in force. 

A Base Fees is applied to process the campaigns. Campaigner pays an amount of USD 200 for private placements and USD 25 for P2P Loans. Investors placing the bid are required to pay a fees of USD 25 for private placement bids and USD 5 for P2P Loan offers.

A success fees is applicable on closure of the deal and covers related paper work. A fees of of 2% is applied on Private Placements and 1% on P2P Loans. These transfers at the closure of the campaign and before the paper work is processed.

Legal & statutory Costs : All legal costs related to the deal are required to be covered by the parties entering the deal.

Deposit: A refundable deposit of 0.5% of the amount being bid or offered  is applicable on bids / offers. The base fees is adjusted and the balance amount is refunded after completion of the campaign.