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Bornbrio is an entrepreneurship engine created to facilitate collaboration between various stakeholders in the exciting world of ideas and innovation. Operating as a startup catalyst, it is a curated marketplace for funds, skills and business solutions for startups and SME's. The brand aspires to disrupt the global innovation drive by building trust, blurring geographical boundaries and facilitating global movement of talent and capital into ideas and innovation.  Fulfilling a void in the Angel and Venture Capital space, the online platform is the first in the world to offer live equity bids, debt placements and syndication of funds by qualified investors.

Bornbrio offers the following:

a)    Brainstorming and structuring of Ideas

b)    Fundraising – Equity & Loans

c)    Business Planning & Strategy

d)    B2B Shared Services - Freelancing

e)    Startup Jobs & Recruitment

f)    Mentoring & Guidance

g)    Syndication of Funds


Designed to function as a social networking platform, Bornbrio creates several possibilities for entrepreneurs and businesses aspiring to take a big leap. Bornbrio builds on the knowledge and financial prowess of its member users and offers a wider risk mitigation mechanism that allows big ideas to fail without a possibility of another sub-prime crisis or slowdown.


World has warmed up to entrepreneurship and innovation, however, the market lacks the talent,  funding, and cooperation, particularly in the emerging markets such as South Asia, South East Asia and Africa. Targeting big on the needs of the entrepreneurs in the under developed countries, Bornbrio has a mission to remove bottlenecks and facilitate economic cooperation.


Bornbrio is a new way to startup, fund and run your business. Facilitate your entrepreneurship journey with bornbrio.com. 

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