Market & Monetize Ideas


1. What are my incentives for promoting and helping an idea?

You get credits or reward points for your constructive comments on an idea. Please note that there is negative marking for comments that are not constructive in nature. We reward members under each category on an annual basis based on the number of credits scored by them. Your profile in highlighted and you are facilitated at our annual function.

You can also take on an idea (with the permission of the idea owner) and help promote and crowdfund it. Successful crowdfunding can earn you as much as 10% of the funds raised as commission.


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2. How can I engage with the community to promote ideas?

You can provide your inputs to improve the idea, offer to co-found an idea or offer to crowdfund the idea for a commission. You can earn up to 10% commission for the successful closure of a crowdfunding campaign for a third party idea.



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3. How can I approach an 'Idea Owner'to help crowdfund his/her idea?

Please visit the idea page and click on "Create Campaign" tab. You will be guided through the process of sending a request to the idea owner. You can track your requests under "My Requests" tab and Manage others' requests under "Manage Requests" tab. 

Please note that only ideas where owners have allowed others to send the requests will have the "Create Campaign" tab available to all users.

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4. What is an "Idea Campaign" and how to create it?

An 'Idea Campaign' is a crowdfunding campaign for funding your idea. Please click the "My Campaign" tab on the ideation menu to start creating a crowdfunding campaign or visit your idea page and click on "Create Campaign" tab to convert you idea into an idea campaign.


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5. What are ideas and idea challenges?

Ideation is a platform to develop your idea by sharing it with a community  of innovators. It has two parts: Idea and Idea Challenge.


Ideas are potential businesses, though they can be any kind of groundbreaking solutions. When an idea flashes your mind, you can describe it by using the Float an Idea button on Idea Junction. The Idea Creation form will help turn your thoughts into words. These Ideas can then be developed into full fledged business plans. You can invite co-authors, collaborate with them and develop new versions. You can also create a crowdfunding campaign or approach investors with the link to your idea.

Idea Challenge is idea competition. Suppose a company is looking for a solution to a problem that they are facing and they are unable to find a solution towards solving it, they can create an Idea Challenge  and source solutions. Idea provider can charge them or Idea Challenge Owners can reward the best solution that they go ahead with.  

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6. How do I create an idea?

Step 1: Click “Ideation” on menu bar to access to Idea Center

Step 2: Click “Float an Idea”  icon on top to start creating an idea

Step 3: Enter all the details in the form and save

Step 4: Attach the documents, videos and photo on the Idea Profile page to provide more information. 

Step 5: Change idea’s status to Publish by visiting your idea page. By default, an idea’s status is NOT PUBLISHED. You must PUBLISH It for it to be visible to the others. 


Note: Your idea after creation and before being published is available only to you under 'My Ideas" tab. You can restrict access and work with the invited co-authors to develop your idea confidentially. 

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7. How can I edit a created idea?

A created idea has two statuses: Published and Not Published.

If an idea has not been published, you can edit it easily by clicking 'Edit Last Version' button on the Idea Profile Page. If the idea has been published, after editing it, you have to save it and then choose to publish it from the Idea Vesrions page. Please click on 'Idea Versions' to choose and publish the desired version.


Note: The newly edited version does not get published by default. 

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8. How do Idea and Idea Challenge work ?

Idea and Idea Challenge are separate concepts.  If you would like to pen down something that can change the world, create an Idea. If you are looking for ideas to do something, create a Idea Challenge. Idea Challenge can be created for sourcing ideas, while ideas can be created for sourcing funding.


Note: At the moment only investors on Bornbrio are permitted to create an Idea Challenge. 

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9. Who can I assign judges for my idea challenge? What is their role?

Judges vote on the nominated Ideas.  A Judge can be anyone who has an account on bornbrio.com.



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10. What reward will I get when my idea is selected as the winners?

Idea Challenge owners are typically expected to announce the prizes on the idea challenge page. Please check the idea challenge page for details. 

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11. How do I add and remove ideas to my idea challenge ?

Please visit “Manage Nominees” section on your idea challenge page. It allows you to assign any published idea as a nominee for your challenge. 

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12. What are Nominees?

Nominees are the ideas nominated for the Idea Challenge. Since Idea Challenges are idea competitions, you must file your entry and get nominated for competing for the Idea Challenge. Idea Challenge Owners can then concentrate on your ideas. Idea Challenge Owners are typically expected to nominate potential ideas, which can then be developed further and rewarded. 


To get your Ideas nominated, please use the comment system available on the Idea Challenge Profile Page.


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13. How can I self-assign my idea into an idea challenge?

You can take the advantage of the comment system to send your idea’s link to the Idea Challenge owner. If the Idea Challenge owner is interested in your idea, he will himself nominate it.

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14. How can I add Attachments ?

Please create your Idea or Trophy and then attach documents from the Idea or Trophy profile page. To Attach documents click on the Folders tab and create a folder that will hold all repositories related to Idea/ Trophy. 

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15. How can I add Videos and Photos to my idea page?

You can add pictures and videos and the Photos and Videos tabs respectively  on the Idea profile. Other options are as below:

If you have posted a video on the website, you can embed the code by clicking the video icon on the editor on the Create Idea or Edit Idea page. To get the embed code, please visit your video page and copy the HTML Code. Note that Videos posted from a third party source such as Youtube or Vimeo cannot be added. 

Similarly, you can post any picture from anywhere across the web by placing the source code on the picture tab on the editor. To get the source code, please right click on the picture in chrome and copy the source code. 

If you are unable to post a picture or a video from the web, please check with the website from where you are trying to source as they might have blocked the content. 

You can also add videos and pictures through the comment system available on every idea profile page. 


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