Bringing out authentic cuisines from homes to Food Lovers

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Created by Ramraj Singh | December 4, 2016

Version 1 | December 4, 2016
Cost: USD 50,000 | Feasibility: Easy | Reproducible: Yes


If you recall the best food that you had had from your favorite cuisine; most likely it would have been at someones home. At a friends or a relatives place. Given a chance you would love to savor the same taste again at any price. So here the the open secret of Indian food. The best and most authentic food is cooked in homes and with recipes handed down the generations. This remains a huge untapped resource. Moreover on the other side; given a chance any day, a food lover would love to savor home cooked food than from a restaurant. So we have a huge untapped demand as well. The idea is to match the two and grow a business in the process.


An indian metropolis is a multicultural mix of people coming in from other regions; bringing their culture, food, recipies and their cravings with them. Imagine a new person moving to a city and missing the authentic food from his home town.
Unknown to him, his favorite food is beeing cooked in many kitchens by people in the same city.
And many of them would be more than willing to make bring it outside thier kitchens; in return for a recognition, appreciation, and some additional earning.

Food lovers are known to plan journeys to savour authentic food. What if they get options to sample authentic sindhi or kashmiri cusines for lunch and konkani or malnad for dinner all in his home city.

The business idea is in opening a food chain (mini restaurants and possibly from food trucks as well) where food is sourced from home kitchens. No a-la-carte options and we sell the best what we can source from home kitches. Food is on display with chefs name and bio, and food lovers rate and feedback the food they savour.
They can also place a request for same food from same kitchen and once confirmed can come back for the same taste.
Invariably the rating model will churn out some star recipies and also some star chefs with their fan following.
This opens opportunity to have chef special days and interactions from a chef for his/her fans.

At a high level to start this business we will need
1. An online app for supply side and one for customer side.
2. Logistics to deliver utensils and get food.
3. Mini Restauranta / Food Trucks