Baggage handling

Most of the hotels have check out time around 11 AM. Many guests have a train, flights at night or e...

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Created by vikash kanodia | September 6, 2017

Version 1 | September 6, 2017
Cost: USD | Feasibility: Complex | Reproducible: Yes

Problem Statement

Most of the hotels have check out time around 11 AM. Many guests have a train, flights at night or evening. Because they have luggage they are not able to make any plans to explore the city or hang out with friends after checkout. Here we intend to provide


Imagine a scenario in which you have to check out from the hotel and still 6 hour is left for the departure of your train or flight. Wouldn't you want to take a look at the city or have a few drinks and bites with your friend and then reach to railway station or airport for your further journey. But how would you do this if you hands are full of luggage. Now you have two options 1st is to go railway station or airport after checking out and remain there till you get on the train or flight. 2nd option is to stay at hotel paying a lot of extra bucks. What if someone picks up all of your luggage from your hotel and deliver it to you at railway station or airport at whatever time you want?. You will feel free to use the time you have available without hurting your hands or spending extra bucks staying back at hotel.


Get the luggage picked up at hotel, make sure the luggage is locked, stack it somewhere and deliver it at desired time.

Challenges Foreseen

Inventory area as the business grows, Coordinating time, Packaging of baggage, no. Of vichels, Coordinating men power

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