Future of cinema halls

Intent of our idea- 1. To upgrade our major source of entertainmnet which is cinema hall 2. To sa...

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Created by Anchal Gupta | August 4, 2017

Version 1 | August 4, 2017
Cost: USD 94,236 | Feasibility: Easy | Reproducible: Yes

Problem Statement

Intent of our idea- 1. To upgrade our major source of entertainmnet which is cinema hall 2. To save money and to make them spend just once 3. To save their time and at the same time getting completely entertained


Keeping time and money crunch in mind one should think of a place where people not only have a delicious meal but also watch a movie. Restaurant plus cinema hall. People here can enjoy a grt meal with alchol and at the same time watch new releases. With the experience of cinema hall we will give ambience of a restaurant. People will save money as well as time and they can easily talk while watching movie as they chat in a restaurant and to make sure other people do not get disturbed we will make provision of headphones like we get in flights. The visual illustration we share is just to give an impression of the concept


MARKET- There is monopoly of very few companies in the market which are running cinema halls but their presence is ubiquitous. With market research we have come up with a place where we will not get tough competition and at the same time a very popular place making it a succes not only among localites but also people from other states. EXECUTION- 1. To get the place on lease with security deposit 2. Construction of cinema hall 3. To get all the licenses which includes liquor license and restaurant license. 4. Interiors to play very imporatant role as we will not be provising conventional look of a cinema hall we need to be very careful and to compromise on the comfort of the customer 5. To have a deal with movie distributors. 6. Advertise BUSINESS MODEL- whatever investors are inerested in we are flexbile.

Challenges Foreseen

There are no challenges to be faced while executing or running the idea.

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