There a lot of people who have busy schedules and they find them selves unable to accomplish some da...



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Tags: Feels Good
Created by Derrick kabanda | July 18, 2017

Version 1 | July 18, 2017
Cost: USD | Feasibility: Slightly Complex | Reproducible: Yes

Problem Statement

There a lot of people who have busy schedules and they find them selves unable to accomplish some daily chores due to the busy work schedules while others may need assistance to execute certain tasks on there behalf; we shall fill that gap.


We shall have a number of business people with busy schedules come on board, and a number of corporate who are tied to there computers all day but may wish to execute one or two things off their desks. We shall be there to fill the gap. In addition we shall help people abroad confirm their projects are actually running as communicated to them by their representatives on ground.


We will set up an office in town which may cost USD850 in terms of rent for 6 months, Furniture which includes chairs tables will cost USD1,000 while branded materials like fliers and barners will cost USD600 for the start, two computers will cost USD833 and a Website designing will cost USD200,Internet costs USD600 for six months, Advertisement costs will be USD2,000 the innitial petty cash will be USD500 to help in different office activities like stationery and the like. In addition we shall run TV and radio averts about our service for a period of three months thereafter we shall run adverts twice a week. We shall employ thirty (30) energetic graduates and avail them with marketing materials, train them and send them to offices to create awareness. We shall hire two mortocycles for the start and USD2,000 for a period of six months and two vehicles which are already in place. We shall charged an equivalent of USD2 per activity  but the trasport costs to and from the destination will be born by the client. Our target will be to serve from 50 to 100 clients per day for the start therefore our monthly income will be USD3,000 to USD6,000 per month. Our clients will contact us through direct calling, watsup, facebook or chat from our website

Challenges Foreseen

Failure to gain public trust/confidence in our service. Financial constraints since a lot of advertisement is required

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