Converting hobby classes at school into Earning Possibilities

To Identify the inherent talent in your child and give it a shape and make it an earning potential ...

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Tags: #Hobbies
Created by brio bliss | June 26, 2017

Version 1 | June 26, 2017
Cost: USD 100 | Feasibility: Slightly Complex | Reproducible: Yes

Problem Statement

To Identify the inherent talent in your child and give it a shape and make it an earning potential for him and others


This Idea came to my mind when I quitted my corporate job after my marriage and was looking at opportunities to earn. Although I had enough of financial support from my family since childhood and have never faced any financial crisis. But the desire to earn and support the needy was always there. And this desire took the shape of an Idea that I wanted to share with a hope that it gets implemented at some point of time in Future. During my school days every week there used to be class for hobby (called SUPW), this is abbreviated and I don’t remember the full name. But this happened to be a class I never missed, even though I am ill. The best of it was that you had your own choice to opt for the category from a list of 8-10 hobby ideas. My favorite was Painting, although I wanted to learn others too, like batik and tie-dye. Few of my class-mates was interested in learning computers but for me the areas of interest was Art and Crafts. And there are many more students, I believe who share a similar interest. I still have those of my creations from childhood, which my Mother has kept as her precious ornaments. During that time when I did my PUC, technology was not as advanced as it is today. Students now are well connected on Social Platforms where they can showcase their talent to the whole world and can also get good buyers for them. But the Idea is not about individual promotion, it’s about creating a livelihood out to hobby classes when you depend on pocket money for your expenses. Also at times parents are not in a position to support you due to constraints. Why not create a livelihood out of your creativity How to make it possible? Find a market for it. I’m sure there is segment of people who likes to buy unprofessional creation of an amateur artist. It will not only help students earn pocket money out of their creative learning but will also create income for skilled artist in villages who get access to limited audience. Why not convert the occupation of these villagers into employment at school. The school and skill development centers can come together to develop a strategy that give permanent employment to skilled villagers as trainers at school and also create a market for selling these art work of students.



Challenges Foreseen

Connecting skilled villagers to modern Schools and getting them equipped with latest technology