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To make more number of engineering students industry ready.

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Created by Piyush Jain | May 25, 2017

Version 1 | May 25, 2017
Cost: USD 15,000 | Feasibility: Slightly Complex | Reproducible: Yes

Problem Statement

To make more number of engineering students industry ready.


Create a centralized platform to assess and provide score to engineering students based on the projects that they do. The score will show the employability and practical knowledge of the students.


Execution Strategy:

1. Market Research would be done to understand the best area to start the implementation of the idea.

2. Technology platform will be created as an interface between students and companies.

3. Colleges will be made partner to the platform.

4. Corporated will be made partner to the platform.

5. Quarterly scorecard will be published with ranking of the students.

6. The best college will be promoted to acknowledge the performance of their students and hence chance of better placements.



Business Model:

The business model will involve charging annual subscription fees from the colleges for registering their students.

When the business will mature and we generate a large pool of student database through increased college partners, we will also charge a nominal fees from the corporates.



The market comprises of more than 6000 engineering colleges present in india.

The idea can later be implemented on other market including business schools, media schools, commerce schools etc.

Challenges Foreseen

Initial challenge will be in creating partnership with colleges and corporate.

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