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A Robot to help make daily life easier and more productive.

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Tags: robot robotic
Created by Arjun A | May 2, 2017

Version 2 | November 16, 2017
Cost: USD 50 | Feasibility: Easy | Reproducible: No

Problem Statement

A Robot to help make daily life easier and more productive.


Mbot is a robot that resembles a human being both in appearance and behavior.


Human life is precious. We at MBots inc are firm believers of the fact that human life is invaluable . Our prime motive is to create robots with high level of artificial intelligence that can assist us in daily situations. We are into building robots, which resemble human beings and can interact with people in a natural and friendly manner. They could be used at food counters, marketing departments, telecalling ,Car washes , supermarkets and a variety of other applications. The primary difference being that unlike humans, they never get tired and can continue offering the same quality of service over a prolonged period of time, of course without any wages. Mbots possess high levels of Intelligence and memory, which lets them memorise huge amounts of data, like remembering customer names and preferences. They only exhibit the positive emotions that they have been programmed to express. They could also be programmed for daily chores like gardening, laundry, babysitting and doing the dishes. With superior fit and finish, it would be almost impossible to tell the Mbots apart from human beings. With Mbots the possibilities are endless, as you could fine tune and program them to suit your tastes and preferences. The Mbot could be anyone you want it to be, your gardener , plumber, trainer or even your caretaker! Warzones, crime fighting, oilrigs, deep-sea exploration etc are some high hazard areas where complete human intervention is not advisable. Before the invention of robots, countless lives were lost in the line of duty, both military and in police crime fighting. Our industrial grade robots are totally at home in these conditions and are engineered to perform tasks faster and with more precision. They need little or no rest in between, making them ideal for high intensity repetitive tasks such as painting and assembly line production of cars and other vehicles. There are numerous other circumstances also, where their presence is pivotal. Deep mining and space explorations to name a few. Our robots are capable of going far further than any human could possibly imagine, and provide crystal clear images and videos of the venture. So don’t be surprised if you run into our friendly neighbourhood Mbot!. To know more log on to www.mbots.com

Challenges Foreseen

To get robots to mimic human emotions.