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Numerous Villages in India are yet to receive electricity.

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Created by Arjun A | May 2, 2017

Version 2 | May 2, 2017
Cost: USD 30 | Feasibility: Slightly Complex | Reproducible: No

Problem Statement

Numerous Villages in India are yet to receive electricity.


Our goal is to provide sustainable power solutions to rural India.


Core power solutions-Our goal is to help rural areas and villages become self sufficient in electricity production. As per latest surveys, almost 6,522 villages in India still lack power supply. Majority of the population in villages are farmers, hence there will be no shortage of agricultural waste in these regions. Agri waste includes animal dung, discarded plant husk, rotten leaves etc. Core power solutions will look to harness this agricultural waste to produce electricity, making villages self sufficient in the process. Agricultural waste is burnt in chambers to heat water. The steam produced in the process, rotates turbines to produce electricity. This process is much more eco friendly as it prevents waste landfills and carbon dioxide production to a large extend. The farmers receive an additional income for providing the power plant with their agricultural waste. Villagers usually burn animal and plant waste in the open causing large-scale air and environmental pollution. Using waste as combustion fuel reduces landfills by a huge margin. We offer sustainable solutions since waste is no longer rendered useless and left to rot. The only by-product is ash, which can be used as a fertilizer. With sustainable farming practices, the quality of the soil can be maintained for a longer period of time. We will look to cultivate energy crops like corn, switch grass, soybean and sunflower can be cultivated. To invest or know more log on to www.


Challenges Foreseen

Almost 6522 villages in India still lack power supply.