Uberization of Grocery Shops

Groceries have found it difficult to find buyers online due to issues related to the cost and time o...

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Created by Santhosh R | April 3, 2017

Version 5 | April 20, 2017
Cost: USD 8 | Feasibility: Slightly Complex | Reproducible: Yes

Problem Statement

Groceries have found it difficult to find buyers online due to issues related to the cost and time of deliveries and localization of prices, supplies and reliability.


We intend to take groceries online by building a robust supply chain and a chain of branded grocery stores in every corner of the country to supply on demand to our customers at any time of day when an order is placed on our website.


Unemployment is one of the major social issues affecting India today, specifically among the youth. Most youngsters contemplate starting a small business as an option, but find the investment capital, a major hurdle to cross. If guided, these aspiring entrepreneurs can do wonders. Startups like Uber, Ola and flipkart are prime examples of youngsters starting from scratch and making it big.
We could invite young individuals, willing to set up a grocery stores under our brand ,in their locality to join us as partners. The company can provide loans against their property, through its banking and financial partners to purchase bulk stocks at discounted prices from its supply chain arm. Supply Chain arms shall consolidate supplies from various states. With GST implemented, we can expect the cost of supply chain operations to decrease substantially.
These branded shops shall have uniform prices for all products offered and customers will be able to make a purchase from any corner of the country at the price published on the website. Deliveries shall be guaranteed in 30 minutes, by connecting the store closest to the point of order. The stores shall be allowed to sell directly to the customers over the counter, but inventories should be segregated to ensure supplies are available for online orders at all times. Utmost importance should be given to the quality and freshness of all perishable items sold.

Challenges Foreseen

1. It is difficult to maintain long term relationship with the one person. 2. Sourcing of reliable raw materials. 3. Doubts in the mind of customers regarding quality and freshness of groceries sold online. 4. Finding customers in rural areas.