Pilgrimage - Once in a Lifetime

Pilgrims often face problems regarding accommodation, food, drinking water, and sanitation, during t...

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Tags: travel worship
Created by Arjun A | March 31, 2017

Version 9 | April 19, 2017
Cost: USD 5,000 | Feasibility: Slightly Complex | Reproducible: Yes

Problem Statement

Pilgrims often face problems regarding accommodation, food, drinking water, and sanitation, during their religious journeys.


Pilgrims often have to go through various hardships, during their religious visits. Various rituals are performed and offerings are made for the reparation of sins and to seek blessings. Our goal is to ensure a seamless traveling experience to your preferred destination, with utmost peace of mind.


India is well renowned for its beautiful temples, churches and mosques. Meenakshi temple in Madurai, Christ Church in Shimla and Jama Masjid in Delhi are some of the famous religious monuments in India. They attract enormous number of pilgrims all year round thus making religious tourism one of the most thriving enterprises today. Currently the tourism market is abuzz with activity; hence by providing the best value for money services, we can ensure repeat business from satisfied clients.
In this Package we prioritize on providing the best cost effective transport services, hotels, hospitality and individual personal care to make your pilgrimage a memorable experience. Our package will take care of your accommodation, food, medical aid and special requests if any. Special care will be provided to elderly citizens and children. A doctor will be onboard at all times. Volunteers, if opted for, will also be available. Our goal is to ensure a travelling experience to your preferred destination with complete peace of mind for you and your family members.

Challenges Foreseen

1. Uncertain weather conditions could make travelling difficult. 2. Caring for severely sick or elderly citizens. 3. Travelling to remote or inaccessible location 4. Crowd Management during peak seasons