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Created by Ramraj Singh | December 11, 2016

Version 1 | December 11, 2016
Cost: USD 50,000 | Feasibility: Easy | Reproducible: Yes


As traffic situation in Indian metros worsens day by day; majority of people spend anywhere from 1.5 to 4 hours in daily commute. At the same time working professionals are stretched for time and struggle to squeeze in as many working hours as they can. To make productive use of time spent in commute; we propose to offer training services in customized commute vehicles. This saves precious office hours for employees as well as offers effective utilization of non productive hours.


We can customize bus interiors to suit typical training needs for technology employess. Including AV, Laptops, Internet and utilize the commute time on routes to offer training.
Typically technolgy companies are concentrated at couple of locations in a city. We can choose trainers from same location so that trainers also can work part time apart from their daily work.
For remaining part of the day; the skillbuses can be parked at these tech hotspots and be available for booking as conference / training / meeting rooms. We can tie up with hotels and stack up their menu cards. And as meeting is conducted; we an take their orders; relay them to restaurents; and drop them to lunch location while meeting is in progress. Post lunch meetings can continue on the way back to office.

The skillbus could also find use for hosting AV events for small gatherings; like birthday parties, guided meditation or yoga sessions. This also brings in efficiency for small companies that dont have to invest in real estate for office premises meeting and training rooms.