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Where Good Ideas Come From

Swap Ideas If you are trying your luck with an incremental value proposition, go ahead and compete with the established players, however, if you are working on an innovative idea, it is time to market your idea and engage with your potential stakeholders. Big Ideas do not happen behind closed doors. People collaborate across borders to shape them into reality. Collaboration could range from inputs that out rightly reject the feasibity of your idea to questions that improve the viability of the idea. Most startup businesses evolve when they interact with the stakeholders and many more die because it gets too late to do something about their blatant assumptions. If you recognize that building a business is not a game of poker, do not be fooled by the concept of secrecy, as you have more to lose than to gain by keeping things close to your chest. Get yourself a chilled beer or a hot coffee and start publishing your thoughts to reach out to potential stakeholders for collaboration. Mingle and swap your ideas, borrow and lend concepts, connect dots, identify intimidating problems, develop captivating solutions, shape your idea into a robust business plan and earn the investors' confidence. If you still feel confidentiality is important, try Idea Groups to contain information and control viewership and provide access to people you want by invitation.

Most difficult part of starting a business, is working on the right problem statement or understanding what is it that the market really needs. If you are a wannapreneur, start enagaging to identify potential opportunities. Most innovations in technology today are collaboration between people working on the open sourced projects. The mantra is to mingle with the best brains, swap strategies and ideas, learn about potential applications, leverage community development and shape a niche, to offer an irresistible and irreplaceable value proposition to the potential customers. This creates insurance for success. It is also worth noting that unlike before, where business models existed for years and even decades, the rules of the game for creating shareholder value are now subject to rapid disruption, and, in some cases, outright destruction. So take the lead and collaborate. Those who speak loud may team, develop a vision and generate value and those who worry about secrecy of their idea, lose the bus. Discussing an Idea creates possibilities and attracts like-minded people with their viable resources. You may recognize flaws, redefine your problem statement or join someone who has the lead on the something similar. You may also end up with a co-founder, a business order or an investor to fund your idea. So why not market and monetize your ideas to success.


Why entrepreneurs fail?

because they invent something that no one needs

Innovation is not always an invention. An innovative business idea is anything that solves an intimidating problem in a much more captivating manner. Consider Uber or Amazon or facebook. None of them invented anything but just utilized the available piece of technology to offer a solution that kept customers coming back to them.

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idea challenge

Try solving these persistent problems

If you have an idea to solve one of these social issues, go ahead and crowdfund it.

community ideas

Do you share the vision or see a potential flaw?

Become a co-founder, provide your inputs to earn reward points or market an idea and crowdfund to earn commission

Common Entrepreneurial Mistakes


In business, the bottom line matters. An entrepreneur invests significant amount of time and money into building the business. Investments are valued by returns and returns are calculated on basis of a plan where you budget for everything as per plan. Having a budget forces us to make thoughtful choices. A budget is not merely about expenditure; but about opportunity cost of capital. Budgets establish fiscal discipline, while ensuring that the capital is made available to the most attractive investment opportunities. Operating without a budget is like taking a journey without a destination. An entrepreneur without budget....


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