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Do you often come up with crazy business ideas only to discard them completely due to the absence of support from anyone?

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A simple business idea can be the most powerful change

Simple business ideas like Uber and AirBnb were ridiculed multiple times before they became a reality. No idea is small and every idea has the potential to make it to the bigger league.

Ideate Innovatively with Problem Solving Ideas and Impact the Future

To succeed with your entreprenuership idea, it is important to work on the problems currently faced by a group of people. It ensures that the problem really exists. It sounds obvious to say that business ideas should only work on problems that exist. however, most common mistakes entrepreneurs make is to solve problems that donot exist.

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Ideas are important but your ability to build a business on them is more precious. A successful business is all about your ability to execute an average entreprenueral idea. Explore online open sourced business ideas and build on top of them.



Business Ideas

Manufacturing E- Ricksaws

Get ready for the future of public transport! Yes, that’s us Maxis E-rickshaws. Our rickshaws are much cheaper to run than conventional rickshaws and quieter too. Its runs on electrical energy which mean passengers have to pay less compared to other modes of transport, making it is cost effective both passengers and owners.


Small Ideas, Big Money

An ordinary business idea with powerful execution strategy is preferred to a powerful idea with weak operational skills. Consider undertaking a simple idea powered by your operational skills and build a small but scalable buisiness entreprise.

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