A fight against poverty - Refining Public Distribution System

India’s Public Distribution System (PDS), comprises of more than 0.4 million Fair price Shops,...

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May 2, 2017 | Nominees: 0 | Judges: 6


Prize : 500 USD


India’s Public Distribution System (PDS), comprises of more than 0.4 million Fair price Shops, better known as, Ration Shops, that are responsible for distributing to more than 160 million families, commodities worth INR 15,000 crores annually. PDS is currently operated as the joint responsibility of the State and the Central Government. The Food Corporation of India procures, stores, transports and allocates the food grains to the State Governments. The State Governments are responsible for the operation of the system, which includes identification of families below the poverty line, allocation of ration, issuing of ration cards and supervision of the functioning of Fair Price Shops. Essential commodities like Wheat, Rice, Sugar, Kerosene Oil are distributed through the PDS.


PDS, however, has not worked as effectively as intended. For instance, there have been several recurring problems with Fair Price Shops like unavailability of ration, distribution of lesser quantity than mentioned in the cards, people Above Poverty Line (APL) exploiting the system and many more.


We invite ideas that can replace the PDS with a system that ensures effective delivery and benefit to those in need.  



Mr. Bharat Singh  | Director - Global Services at Tata Consultancy Services

Mr. Dharmendra Yashovardhan | Entrepreneur, Angel Investor

Mr. Prasanna Chaporkar | Professor, IIT Bombay

Mr. Ramraj Singh | AVP, Credit Suisse

Mr. Ravindra Kansal | Director, Rucan Consulting

Mr. Ved Chhabra | Chairman & Managing Director, Inter Ocean Ship Repairs LLC

Col. Vijay Bhaskar (Retd.) | Country Director – India, Mlinda Foundation



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  • June 14, 2017 – Final Results


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