Start Making Money


3 Easy Steps to Getting Started

1. Subscribe as a Freelancer

Your Freelancer Plan gets you free and commission less access to your freelancer account. Subscribe as a freelancer.

2. Create a Freelance Profile

Create your online freelance profile and exhibit your skills, products and services. Utilize the dashboard to enrich your profile and make it as informative and as attractive as you can. do not miss essential information. Provide all details and use pictures to communicate better.


3. Start Selling

Based on your skills and service offerings, Startups can reach out to you for custom solutions at hourly rates. Negotiate directly with the customers and start building your customer base. If you have standard packages/products that can be purchased, please list them as products for direct purchase. Startups also post projects. You are allowed to make  direct offers. Start chatting and start selling. If you sell you service via Bornbrio (customer makes payment on Bornbrio), we will guarantee the purchase, otherwise the contract remains between you and the customers and you get paid directly. If the customer insists on making the payment via bornbrio for security, we create a custom invoice and get the customer to pay on the progress milestones.