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Set sail with "Freelance Charter" to jump start your idea. Charter your non-core activities to the freelancers and stay lean as a Startup. Focus on your core strengths to build a business, while the freelancers work as your perfect business partner to deliver and reduce your overheads.

  • Post a project for a custom solution or buy a standard freelance business solution.

  • Interview freelancers before hiring them for custom projects

  • Browse reviews by fellow members for making decisons

  • Negotiate directly using preferred mode of communication - email, message, chat

  • If you make your purchase on the website, your payments are secured by bornbrio and satisfaction guaranteed.

Freelance Charter Party

Freelancing Bonanza

Connect, Publish, Customize and Build a Reputation

Move away from bids, provide quality, present your own charter, charge your own price and build perfect business parners. Earn money freelancing. You have the complete freedom to interact with all your potential customers. Since we do not charge commission, we do not stop you from direct correspondence. We are not a middle man.

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