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  A century ago, we were slaves within our own premises. On our own land we were discriminated...

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  • 05 Jul 2017
    I remember finding my childhood photographs in photo albums that were long forgotten until I found them last year lying in the store place beneath my bed. It has been a normal practice to keep photographs of the newly born as they are really precious to the new parents and also to the family. However, maintaining these pictures is a tedious task. Today in the world of digitization its really easy to capture the moments of a baby’s first smile or videos of his first step or simply the first time it calls ‘Ma’ through mobile phones, handy cams. But what when the same are overlapped with a lot many pictures poured in and lost somewhere within the cloud storage. Weren’t the initial pictures as dear as the present ones? What if technology provides you with a platform to record and share significant milestones of your baby? Furthermore you can explore them with just a click of a button, rejuvenating the same ecstatic feeling. Babyonboard is a venture set up by Aditya Kulkarni and Rakesh Shivran in October, 2016. Their aim is to provide a platform for socializing along with parenting. Not only can you capture and record these precious milestones, this app also helps you with the day to day care of the baby.     The Glam Baby world   Honestly speaking, friends and family that have just taken on parenting, find a baby's world competitive too! They want what's best for their child, be it the child's room or the theme of the birthday party, the parents want to do it all and that too perfectly. Babyonboard is on with it providing solutions and new innovations, revolutionizing the baby's world and just comforting a mom's world. Play Room ideas to keep the baby busy while the mother gets some time for her own self and the 'no, I don't want to eat this' taken care under the Feeding section. The writers have taken proper care about the basic muddles of parents and provided with the data best fit for the children.The Baby Miles section gives reward points to the moms who are active on-board moms enthusiastically maintaining there baby's social diary and guiding other moms to be the perfect one.   Babyonboard recently has raised an undisclosed round of seed funding from Anant Pandit of Gana Yantrika Systems.Other investors included Mahavir Sharma from the Rajasthan Angel Investors Network, Vishal Jain, Head of Projects at Honeywell, Rohit Sethi, L&D Head at Arthur D. Little Dubai and Gaurav Luniya of CMS Infosystems. A few months before, the number of moms on board was about 25K which has drastically increased to a 45K just showing the target market's joy in getting along with the venture. Babyonboard is on the final stage of collaborating with various baby care brands. They have even considered proposals from their on board moms for the same. The funds raised will be utilized for product development and mobile technology to enhance user experience on the platform. They have already launched their application on Android currently having over 10K downloads to its name. This Bangalore based startup has started taking toddler steps to a huge target market. But with competition from ventures such as First Smile and Tinybeans, they need to work harder on new innovations to catch up a faster pace. New events in the industry are required to catch the parents attention. Launching products that are not available in the market can prove a boon to Babyonboard. Overall its a great venture making lives of moms easier by helping them provide a perfect balance between being a mother and other daily routine tasks.    
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We do Vaanthi.We like Kranti : Ladies Finger


A century ago, we were slaves within our own premises. On our own land we were discriminated based on the color, our skin is. In simple words, we weren’t free. We weren’t free to be ourselves, to decide our likes and dislikes and most importantly to speak what we want.



After all the bloodshed and non-cooperation movement we succeeded in rediscovering free India with a well framed preamble to the constitution containing the right to speech article.



But do we truly exercise it ?

Or have we done it in the past ?

Without any gender biasness ?

Without any discrimination between men and women ?


Cases, not long forgotten within states of Haryana and Rajasthan answer my question well. Till today in these parts of the country letting a woman speak and express her is a big no-no. Letting her speak is a far sighted thing, people in these parts even interrogate her existence.



In such a man’s world, I came across an online magazine named Ladies Finger. It is a great initiative taken up by four journalists - Nisha Susan, Poorva Rajaram, Gaurav Jain and Jugal Mody pertaining to the fact what woman will like to read and connect to more. The team wanted to create something substantial, instead of just pouring their thoughts on FB.

The Ladies Finger evolved as an afterthought to the Delhi Rape case that took place on 16th December, 2012. The primary agenda was to create a site that gave space to discussions beyond rape, sex, violence and harassment. They wanted to write in a revealing way but also to maintain the elegance.


FAK- Feminist Action Kit


I should better call it the Feminist Activation Kit as the topics covered are inorder to enlighten women regarding their rights and stop them from taking any more shit. The section thrills them with the power of a woman irrespective of any country she belongs to or profession she takes. It demands for self respect generation along with protecting them from the ill effects of today’s problems such as a bad marriage or fighting the law rightly.


Kranti – Revolution

The term does not just include what Bhagat Singh and other freedom fighters did for the country; In the present scenario, one girl will be struggling to receive basic education and the other pleading to be granted the permission to study in a far off college simply because it is better than the one nearby. Kranti comes into action. The section Kranti is all about challenging the usual. Challenging inorder to flourish more. To strive for better opportunities and prove that a woman is lot more than a downtrodden homosapien.


Vaanthi – Vomit, barf

News that exasperates, tingles your senses for all the wrong reasons and makes you laugh loud as you come across the so called monstrous thinking of the masses. For example- A UP Cop thought the right response to a rape case survivor was to ask her for sex. Or another one –A Hyderabad hotel on Goibibo decided not to give a women her room because she was a ‘single woman’. Huh ? Seriously ? That’s great food for thought.


Presently the readers with Ladies Finger are generally 20-plus working, urban woman and the 50 plus woman (and a few young men) but they want to diversify the kind of people who write and whom they talk about. They focus on woman voice that has been long lost somewhere due to social suppression. High time – Motivation on – Feminism in. Ages passed since India got liberated now it’s the gender-female to get liberated. With such bold articles and the kickass attitude the magazine has taken on with, I am sure it will just get more and more followers. Quite evident, they just added one.