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Donate and encourage ideas to bring scientific and social innovations to life. Men and women working on disruptive ideas or on bringing positive social change; need encouragement, support and funds. Out of box and unconventional solutions that promise to solve everyday problems, large and small, in our lives and in that of our society can see the light of the day with the help of the funds donated by the community. Small contributions from a few of us, who are privileged enough, can help create value for generations to come. Back these crowdfunding idea campaigns and impact invest in a positive change. Donate and encourage ideas to realize dreams.


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Bringing Scientific and Social Innovations to Life

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Postive Change

Augmented Reality

Re-define learning and playing

Postive Change

Clean Water

Basic Infrastructure for life

Postive Change

Alternative Energy

Save the planet

Postive Change

Primary Education

A child's right

How is donation an investment ?

Leaders invest time and energy into development of the societies around them and create a positive impact. An impact could be facilitating an innovative idea to transform a remote village in Africa, a noble cause to alleviate poverty in poverty stricken parts of South Asia or an innovation that could eradicate a deadly virus or reduce emission of greenhouse gases. Donations from you and people like you, encourage change makers and create hopes for millions in need. To encourage an idea and support the entrepreneur, donate on any crowdfunding idea campaign of your choice. Your contributions will go a long way in creating a better world tomorrow.

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