• Ten years ago no one would have thought that the taxi business might replace public transport. This is something that is not only becoming a reality with the help of apps like Uber and Ola, who offer car-pooling, but in fact this might even be the cheaper mode of transport. In the past one week, Uber has come up with a 100 rupee pass for up to 12 kilometers in a sedan. This means that it will cost four people twenty-five rupees each to travel twelve kilometers in an AC car.   Traveling back from work in an AC car was a luxury that only few could afford just a while back. Today it is something that happens on the regular, and according to Niti Aayog, it is a market that has not been capitalized fully as of now. According to their suggestions, private cars should be allowed to offer carpooling and ride-share services in order to make the medium even more cost-effective and efficient.   How this would work is that, a person who is driving his private car back from work could choose to offer a carpool option to people in the locality that are going back to the same area. This would make the system cost effective and efficient as the number of cars offering these services would increase. Additionally, car owners could earn back the cost of driving to work, and maybe even make a small profit every day, just by offering these services to and from work. As is obvious, there would be many advantages if this system falls through, as the amount of traffic would drastically reduce. In addition to that, public transport would be much less crowded, car owners would only take their cars out in case of a necessity and people would be able to travel in a time-efficient way. These appear to solve a lot of problems faced by the common man in India with rising traffic and cost of traveling.   Niti Aayog, which is chaired by Narendra Modi, has partnered with ride-sharing companies such as Uber to assess the impact of this move, both economically and environmentally. However, there are some challenges that would be faced before this becomes a reality. The transport ministry is not in favor of this move as they feel that this would eliminate the concept of taxis. In addition of that, they feel that this move would jeopardize the jobs of the 5 million taxi drivers in India. Commercial vehicles have certain provisions in place such as, higher duties, insurance premium, permit charges etc. that insure the safety of the riders. All this would be absent in case of privately owned cars and there would be ambiguity in the regulatory framework. Official have been quoted as saying that, ‘despite the convenience, various legal aspects have to be kept in mind.’   In my opinion it is only a matter of time before private car-pooling becomes real, as this is something that is already seen in developed countries such as Canada and the US. In these places, people have seen prices of travel go down by more than half when compared to buses. This is a concept that can be a game changer when it comes to a country like India. We are a developing country that needs to develop better connectivity between cities, towns and villages all over the country. Right now we are talking about car-pooling between work and home. In no time we will be talking about it when it comes to traveling hundreds of kilometers.   The world is ever-changing, with things that were not even dreamed of, becoming a reality today. Humans have always adapted in order to escape disaster, and car-pooling might be a small step in the direction of saving fossil fuels. This is not to say that people will stop taking their cars to work completely, but with people getting more educated by the minute, we can rest assured that they will realize the benefits to this and utilize this services to its full potential. 
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  • With the fight of the century, starring Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather right around the corner, every morning I have been watching highlights of the promotional events taking place. These videos were of interest to me for two reasons; my interest in boxing, and the marketing genius displayed by both these fighters. It is estimated that the value of this fight is over $527 million, with Mayweather getting $400 million and McGregor getting the rest. This disparity is due to the fact that Mayweather is his own promoter and doesn’t have to provide a cut to someone else, like McGregor has to, to the UFC.     To put things into perspective, Zomato is estimated to be worth $500 million. Yes, that is right, two fighters, fighting for 36 minutes in a ring are worth more than a successful company that has existed since 2008. All this might seem too good to bet true but it’s not. There is one reason behind the success of this fight and that is: MARKETING. We can learn a lot about marketing from this fight, and I want to help break it down for you.   We must first acknowledge the fact that boxing is a sport that is a lot about promotion, and that boxers are typically good at promoting their fights. Keeping this in mind, the fact of the matter is that both Floyd and McGregor are insanely better at this than their competitors. We can break down marketing by analyzing the way that these two fighters go about with their promotion. McGregor is someone who relies on intimidating his opponents and saying things that other fighters would be petrified of saying at the world stage. This highlights a key component of marketing, and that is creativity. You need to be creative with your campaigns to catch the eye of the public. In order for the masses to remember your product, you need to be unique and stand out in their minds. You have millions of companies advertising their products to you every single day, but it is only the ones that stand out in your mind that actually make a difference.   On the other hand, Mayweather has a different approach to his trash talk as compared to McGregor. He is cautious in what he says and makes sure to point out his accomplishments from the past. This gives us another valuable lesson when it comes to marketing and that is: brand name. You need to be able to back up your words and not attempt to oversell yourself. We have all seen universities claiming to be ranked number one in the country, when we know for a fact that, that is not the case. Doesn’t this lower your opinion of the university in your eyes? We also see that when you create a good brand name for yourself, you open up avenues that you previously could not access. We see many forms of innovative advertising from companies that would not be successful without their brand name. Hence, companies should focus on perfecting their product and developing a reputation of excellence in the market.   As a fan of combat sports, it was torture for us to see Mayweather and McGregor go back and forth for years without there being a possibility of a fight. However, when both parties realized that they have maximized the interest of the fans, they decided on a date for the fight within no time. In retrospect it was one of the most cunning marketing moves that I have ever seen. Both fighters used their banter to peak the interest of the consumers, and decided to capitalize on it at the most opportune time. This teaches us that marketing is all about timing and being relevant in the market. When you have a product that is going to hit the market, you need to make sure that the interest in the product is at a point when you will be able to make maximum profit. At the same time, you have to understand that the consumers will only buy your product if it is relevant at the time. The promoters for the fight realized this as well, as consumers were getting frustrated and decided to finalize the terms of the fight.   The next thing that is important is: knowing your consumer base and being able to relate to them. Both fighters have a certain type of crowd that they attract and they know it. Mayweather knows that his image in the market consists mainly of him being a wealthy celebrity who likes to flaunt his wealth, as shown by his ring name, Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. He knows that while this is not something that is relatable to everyone, millions of his fans adore him for it. This leads to his antics on the stage, as was seen in the New York chapter of the promotion.    McGregor on the other hand, is someone that is known to be a lovable fighter who isn’t afraid to challenge men bigger and stronger than him. His advantage is his trash talk, which he never shies away from. This shows us that we need to find our niche and capitalize on it. If you are a company that primarily targets teenagers, you need to understand the psyche of a typical teenager and target it. You need to adapt with time and be up-to-date on the latest trends.   The last thing that I want to talk about is negative marketing. You need to understand that when you are a public entity open to criticism from millions of people, you need to be careful with what you say and do. You can never satisfy each and every one of the consumers, but you can always try to avoid making any mistakes. An example of this is Uber, with the CEO resigning in disgrace, the company’s reputation has taken a major hit. Competitors will not waste a single minute in highlighting your flaws, and so you need to be very careful with how you act as a company.   Finally, something that is worth thinking about is the fact that, while marketing is a lot about standing out, you need to target people’s hearts and loyalty. You need to develop a brand with which the consumers feel synonymous, and which they are loyal too. Loyal consumers will get you more business than a good ad might, and so you need to work towards making a place in people’s heart. Just like fans of either fighter will go to any length to defend their hero, you need to be a company that people want to defend and hold up on a pedestal.
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  • A patent claim is undoubtedly the most important part of a patent specification, as it defines the boundary within which is operates. It defines exactly what is to be claimed by the invention. Patents are considered to be the objects of intellectual property. This is because patentable inventions are creations of the human mind, the intellect, hence are known as intellectual property. The reliability and stability of the patent systems depends in a clear and definite way on the ability of the patent offices and the courts to effectively determine and agree on what is and is not patentable. But determining what is and is not patentable has been a major problem for patent systems for a long time. For example, in the USA since 1790, majority of patent systems postulate some phenomenon called invention, but in fact no satisfactory legal definition of invention has ever appeared in patent laws. At the same time it is known that a patented invention is legally defined by its claim, the written definitions of the invention.  What has caused such a situation to arise in the field of patents? According to a patent lawyer's guide, 2007 (By Ronald.d.slusky), for most of the people an invention is something tangible, but for patent lawyersan invention is not something physical, instead it is a concept. Indeed, in 1933 book Double Patenting, patent law author Emerson Stringham goes so far as to state that an invention is an abstraction. The difficulty faced by American courts was regarding the thought that an invention, protected by a patent, is tangible. What we mean by this is that a patent is not something tangible, but simply an idea, an abstraction.  Indian law is strict in limiting, what can and cannot be patented as the patent claims are worded carefully with an objective to make it harder for those attempting to work around these claims. In India the law is strict in order to protect the patent holders who dread a situation where competitors make minor changes to a patented product in order to evade patent infringement. Competitors on the other hand dread a situation where changes made to a patented product are not sufficient enough to evade this patent infringement. Patent infringement analysis is primarily conducted in two stages, namely literal and non literal infringement. In the first stage of analysis, the claim and the alleged infringing product or processes are analyzed to determine whether all the elements of the claim are present in the alleged product or not. If the alleged product includes all the elements of the claim when the scope of the claim is construed by the literal language of the claim, the claim is said to be literally infringed by the alleged product. We then proceed with the second stage if literal infringement is not established. In the second stage, the scope of protection conferred by the claim is extended beyond the literal language of the claim.  Patents are designed to reward individuals or a company invention by preventing others from copying invention by preventing others from copying and selling a product, that gives the patent holder a monopoly on supply. However patent laws are very complicated to understand. Mystery of patent claim is nothing but a legal definition of the concrete patentable invention.       
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  •  As I was re-watching The Social Network the other day, it dawned upon me that Facebook was founded nearly 13 years ago. Yes, I know. It seems like just yesterday, doesn’t it? As I am working in the field of startups, my mind automatically started thinking in that direction. I tried to come up with another startup that was as big as Facebook, or even had as much potential.   So I decided to do some research, and I came to the surprising, and frankly terrifying conclusion that there had been no major tech startup since Facebook, and as mentioned before, that was more than a decade ago. This put a question in my mind that led me to writing this blog. Is this the end of tech startups? All the way from the 70s, with Microsoft and Apple, to the early 2000s with Facebook, tech was the field to be in. It had high paying jobs and unmatched profit margins. This is clear as Bill Gates was named the richest man in the world for the 16th time in 2016.    You might think that I am crazy as you read this article because you have heard of companies such as Uber, Airbnb etc who came much after Facebook. While Uber had the potential to become a company that was in the same league as Facebook, Google, Microsoft etc., their recent troubles has put them in tight spot. With the CEO resigning in disgrace, the company’s future certainly seems to be in jeopardy. On the other hand, while Airbnb is a multi-billion-dollar company worth $31 billion, its value is just 7% of that of Facebook.   After carefully analyzing the situation, I came to the conclusion that this dilemma was due to saturation and dominance in the market. In today’s day and age companies are wary of competition and are aggressive in their approach. Giants such as Facebook, Google, Apple etc. are looking out for their competitors in order to acquire them before they can reach their maximum potential. This is also increasing the value of the parent companies, making the rich, richer. I am sure we have all heard the news of Snapchat refusing to be acquired by Facebook, hence directly competing with it. By the time new companies with potential enter the market, the industry is already saturated with competition. To illustrate their dominance, we can go over the companies owned by Facebook and Google. In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion and then two years later bought WhatsApp for $19 billion. On the other hand, Google acquired YouTube for $1.65 billion in 2006 and also bought Android in 2005. If these companies had still been independent, they could have challenged the empires created by Facebook and Google.   There are other strategies employed by these giants to bring down their competitors. Facebook introduced Snapchat-like features in all three of its social networking sites. This created pressure on Snapchat, reducing its stock price. Google tried to acquire Yelp in 2012, but was turned down. Google responded to this by launching their own product, and furthermore used their dominance in the search market to promote their own product while pushing down Yelp reviews at the same time. This made it harder for Yelp to attract new customers and severely hampered Yelp’s attempt at expanding overseas. Combine this with the fact that companies require huge amounts of money in order to compete in the market. Back in the day, when Google was launched, you could enter the market with a modest amount of investment. However, this is not possible today as you have to directly compete with companies such as Facebook that appear to have unlimited resources.   With all these problems being faced by startups, the future of the tech industry appears to be uncertain. In addition to that innovation is happening in different fields in today’s world. We can see this with what Elon Musk is doing with Tesla and SpaceX. I personally hope to see some new players in the tech market, and hopefully we will be privy to a game-changer soon enough.            
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  •  Entrepreneurship is a career option that is trending among the youth all over the world. Young people now want to control their own economic future and this has reflected in the entrepreneurial spirit world wide. Entrepreneurship is considered to be the future of the global economy, as accelerating entrepreneurship at home and aboard will make the world more interconnected and provide economic opportunity to developing countries. Entrepreneurship has a major contribution in the development of the global economy. A surveys say that entrepreneurs are creating jobs at more than twice the rate of established companies. The survey also indicates that 59% of entrepreneurs around the world said that they wanted to increase their workforce by 2017, whereas only 28% of large business said that they want to expand their workforce.   When entrepreneurs are able to innovate, they automatically drive economic growth and create jobs at a faster rate as compared to established companies. It has been proven by many economists that, those who create an entirely new product or service are 95% more likely to increase their workforce over the next few years, as compared to those who were not as committed to innovation. To support and encourage this kind of development on a global platform there are many organizations, like GEM ( Global Entrepreneurship Monitor), the Entrepreneurs Club, Ashoka, Startup Grind, Final thoughts etc. Each of these organizations work with almost 70-80 countries on an average, and have thousands of members.   Entrepreneurship is not only contributing in the development of the global economy, but is also contributing to the development of the economy of several developing countries. Entrepreneurship has contributed to India as well, as India is now well known for its fast growing economy, posting 7% growth in GDP over the past few years. The MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprise) are also considered to be the major contributors of GDP growth in India. According to the study of KPMG-CII, it is estimated that growth rate of GDP can grow to 15% by 2020. It is also estimated that there will be an increase in the employment from 28% to 50% in the fields of agriculture, manufacturing and service sectors. The study also says that India has the potential to build 2500 scalable businesses over the next 10 years. For this number to be achieved, more than 10,000 startups will have to open up. These businesses could collectively generate 200 billion in revenue, matching the contribution  of the IT/ITES industry to the GDP. However, this will require a   strong capital inflow, of up to $55 billion over the next decade, with about half of this in the form of debt. For better growth of the economy, the government of India also has several organizations who help and facilitate the requirements for entrepreneurs. Some of these organizations are; Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM). The economic growth in job creation is not the only advantage of entrepreneurship, as it also helps in growth of various other fields such as wealth creation and sharing, balanced regional development, GDP and per- capita income, standard of living, exports and community development.   Data from the NASSCOMs resource centre gives us a clear picture of the emerging startup ecosystem in India.   Number of new technology has tripled in the past 6 years, from about 1000 to 3000 startups. Two-third of entrepreneurs are less than 30 years of age Health care, retail and SAMC (social, mobility, analytics and cloud) are the breeding ground of technology entrepreneurship. The number of Angel investors has grown from 7 to 32, from 2006 to 2012 while the number of venture capitalists has grown from 43 to 48 in the same period   The development of entrepreneurship is growing rapidly across the world and India, but they face several barriers. The barriers which are commonly faced by entrepreneurs are most likely to be regulatory, cultural & social, economic & financial barriers. However, these issues are discussed on a global platform to get better solutions and to secure the future of the entrepreneurship. Despite many challenges, the entrepreneurial opportunities in a global platform are substantial, as a new-found entrepreneurial culture is creating a favorable ecosystem of service & resource providers.    In spite of many challenges, the development of entrepreneurship is growing immensely on a global platform. New ideas are uplifted and facilitated with various business solutions. Entrepreneurship has a tremendous contribution in developing the global economy. So, there is no doubt in the fact that the future of entrepreneurship looks bright and could entirely change the way businesses are run in today's world.      
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  • Being home for four months on vacation, I had a lot of time on my hand and not a lot of work. After putting in some thought, I decided that doing an internship would be the best use of my time. Thus started the process of applying for internships, on various platforms, over the next week. Having applied to jobs that I deemed a good fit for me, all I had to now do was wait for the acceptances and the interviews to come around. Within the next few days I was accepted to over 10 companies and now I had the privilege to be able to choose from them.   Companies ranged from MNCs worth millions of dollars, to startups that weren’t even a month old. I now had to choose what kind of company I wanted to work in, and I chose to work for a startup. The reason for this was simple, as supposedly you learn more while working for startups.   I think I am now in the perfect position to judge this statement for a fact, having worked in a startup for the past one month. I would like to share in this article my thoughts, both good and bad, about working in a startup.   I would first like to address the elephant in the room, the fact that you learn more when you work for a startup. Never having worked for a well-established corporation, I am not in a position to comment on the experience of working in one. However, I can comment on the experience of working in startup. Being an Economics and Mathematics student, I thought I would be involved in the finance side of things. Boy, was I in for a surprise. Over the past one month I worked on subjects ranging from marketing to business research. Frankly, working in a startup is not for someone who does not like to learn and experience new things. In addition to the core subject you have expertise in, you would be required to work on a plethora of things. You might be asked to make calls to clients, pitch ideas to investors and so on and so forth. While to the common man this might seem like a waste of time, the experience which you gain from doing all these tasks is invaluable. You learn to communicate with people under pressure while making sure you have all your facts right. I don’t know about you, but as an eighteen-year-old, I can only be thankful for such an experience.   Everyone knows that work is all the more bearable when you work with people you can talk to, and maybe even be friends with. Startups usually have a work force that ranges from anywhere between five to fifty people and this means that employees know each other by name. Being on first-name basis with everyone in the office makes the job so much easier, as you can cooperate with each other on those extensive projects, or call in when you might be late for work so that your colleagues can cover up for you. All in all, knowing your colleagues is awesome and makes work fun.   On a similar note, one of the biggest advantages of working in a startup is the fact that you get to interact with everyone in the office. I have personally worked with the CEO of the startup I work in, and it is truly an enriching experience. Learning, first-hand from a person who has approximately twenty years of experience in the field, is something that cannot be underestimated. In a MNC you will rarely interact with the manager and that too for only a couple of minutes at a time. Working with someone who has so much to offer is lucrative to almost everyone.   One of the reasons why I settled in so quickly within the organization is the fact that there is no age barrier. Your position in the organization is directly related to the amount of work you do and the quality of your work. You can be the youngest member on the team, but you will receive a certain status based solely on your aptitude and contribution. This should be encouraging for everyone out there who has suffered due to office politics of any kind.   The only drawback with my experience of working in a startup was the brand name. When you tell someone you’re working in startup that they probably haven’t heard of, more often than not, you won’t receive the same reaction as that of working in an established corporation.   However, the choice you have to make is whether you want to be surrounded in a place full of energy, motivation and innovation, where you have a chance to drastically improve your skillset. Or do you want to be one of the innumerable men, who work 9 to 5 and do the same task over and over? The choice is yours, but when you want to experience something new, know that startups don’t judge based on age.    
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  • Best Makeup Artist : The makeup artists particularly specialists are required the most at the seasons of marriage and comparable functions. As marriage is the most special event that happens in once life,so every individual want to make it the most noteworthy occasion. Young ladies do a lot of planning like purchasing jewellery ,designer dress, footwears and so on. In any case, every such thing are good for nothing without a perfect makeup. Best makeup artists in Delhi, NCR at misha vig give the best wedding look to the bride on their wedding Day. our makeup professionals are extremely skilful and skilled in giving a pleasant look to the lady who is going to be a bride. we have our makep salon in Delhi,NCR and Gurugram also. It is a set up salon, to the point that has name and popularity the whole way across India. The salon has the best Bridal makeup specialists of Delhi who are all around fulfilled, having the capacity to carry out their occupation fantastically. The makeup professionals are knowledgeable with every look in addition to give the tasteful and brilliant look to the bride. The salon is having the top makeup specialists in Delhi,NCR and gurugram give such a famous makeovers and fulfill each of their clients. In addition, the specialists give such a brilliant and delightful look to the ladies that assistance to improve their look and class. salon charges moderate value which can be viewed as helpful and sensible. There are different reasons why some people trust on us because we have the top makeup specialists of Delhi. Since. As we all know about the way that nowadays with increase of pollution and dust are the main considerations that have impacts on face as well as ruin the skin surface. Thus, it is prescribed by the specialists to take additional care of your skin and for that one needs to set aside opportunity to time facials, tidy up, body cleaning and cleaning, nail treatment, pedicure and so forth.mishavig salon have top cosmetics product and excellence specialists who give the best magnificence medications to the clients. Other than that, the corrective and excellence items that are utilized by the marriage cosmetics at mishavig salon are so extremely home grown, valid and honest to goodness, in addition to it stays as it is for quite a while. The people who have patchy skin, and dark circles do not need to bother anymore. The good news is that mishavig salon has come up with all the latest makeup of giving the effective makeup to its clients. Now the dark circles can be removed without any major botheration. The speciality of mishavig is that here makeups are given by the top makeup artist in Delhi NCR and gurugram without any flaw. Over the years mishavig has got immense recognition and fame in the respective field. Best Makeup Artist in Gurgaon
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  • Working capital is a fund which is required by business organisations to run their day to day activities. Banks and financial institutions provide loans to businesses to fulfil their requirement of working capital. This is done on the basis of their performance, credit rating and overall predictability of the business organisation. Given the situation of the current Indian market, a well thought and intelligent idea can turn into a great business model. Hence, to promote SMEs to start implementing new business ideas in India, the government has initiated different incentives. Over 30 million SMEs have been started in India over the last decade. However, some of these businesses are slowing down due to shortage of working capital fund. This is because of the lack of trust that the banks or financial institutions place in the companies, along with a complicated and long process of fund approval system in financial institutions. In order to make lending of funds to SMEs more convenient, Gaurav Hinduja and Shashank Rishyasringa have come up with the Capital Float company. They started in 2013 in Bangalore and are working in the digital finance sector. “We felt that it was the right time to get in, because India is going to look a lot like the US in five years. In the US, you see a lot of businesses doing digital lending because the infrastructure is present,” says Sashank, co-founder of Capital Float. The founder of Capital Float Gaurav Hinduja and Sashank Rishyasringaadd are of the opinion that smartphones have made it easy for people to apply for loans. This is because they can have their creditworthiness analysed within minutes and so a loan can now be approved and disbursed within the hour. Capital Float is an online platform that provides working capital finance to SMEs and start-ups in India and offer flexible, short term loans that can be used to purchase inventory, service new orders or optimize cash cycles. With the help of this company, borrowers can apply online in minutes, select desired payment terms and receive funds in their bank account in 3 days with minimal hassle. Capital Float is the trade name of ZEN LEFIN PVT LTd, a non banking finance company (NBFC) registered with the RBI. Capital Float is backed by George Soros’s Aspada Investment company, SAIF partners and Sequoia Capital. It has raised more than $80 million in debt and equity. The company has raised USD $ 13 Million in Series A- funding, USD $ 25 Million in series-B funding, led by creation investment Capital management LLC. The Capital Float venture, since inception, has partnered with companies across verticals, having forged partnerships with E-commerce websites, payment gateways, cab service such as Snapdeal, PayTM, Shopclues, eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, VIA, Yatra, Mswipe, Pine Labs, Bijlipay, ICICI Merchant Services, and UBER. The company is engaged with small business, E-commerce merchants, manufacturers and early stage business to business service providers across India. Capital Float Company has two types of products that can be used to purchase inventory and service new orders. For inventory based players like Myntra and Zovi, they underwrite receivables and for inventory purchase, they provide 60, 90 or 120 days of working capital loans. As additional working capital loan helps vendors to expand horizontally and give equal weightage to all E-commerce sites. Capital Float has come with innovative products such as ‘Pay Later’, which gives loans to retailers against data on PoS machines. Capital Float, which primarily handles E-commerce finance, has seen 8x times growth in 2016. So far, Company has disbursed almost INR 150 crores in 2015. It disbursed almost INR 1000 crores to over 1,000 customers in 40 cities across the country within 10 months from April 2016 to January 2017. For the current year, the company has disbursed around INR 1500 crores with an interest rate between 16-20 percent. This depends on the risk assessment of the individual. The team also takes on a fee income, which is one to two percent on processing a loan. Capital Float Venture is offering short term loans in the range of INR 25,000 and INR 30 millions. The company is offering time duration for disbursing large ticket size loan is three days whereas for small ticket loans a little as 90 seconds. As per Gaurav Hinduja, he is expecting 500% rise in disbursals of all his products by increasing the customer base by 600%. Total loan disbursals of the company’s products in the market rose steeply with Pay Later and unsecured business loan being the top performing products with 140% and 300% growth respectively over 2015. Company having lent to 7000 borrowers in 2016-17, Capital Float is aiming to finance 20,000 of them in the next one year, including 10,000 kirana stores, with about 60% of its total borrowers coming from outside metro cities.
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  • India is famous for its diversity in culture, customs, language and food. In India most people prefer to eat homemade food. With more and more women working full-time jobs, Indian households are struggling to eat fresh and healthy food on a regular basis. You have to compromise either on the food or one of the adults has to push themselves to cook. Here, Mr Mustafa has come up with a business idea to complement the efforts of the Indian households to cook food, with ready to cook batter of Idli /Dosa. With this iD food company, it is possible to get fresh and best quality ready to cook batter at your convenience. In 2006, Mr. P.C Musthafa, an IIM-B student, started this business with his four brothers in Bangalore. He saw opportunity in Bangalore as in Bangalore, people consumes more than 10 million idlis every day in households and hotels. To serve them with ready to cook and best quality batter, Mr Musthafa came up with a system to manufacture batter and also for the packaging. The motto of the company has been very clear; to provide hygienic and convenient batter to Indian households. iD fresh opened up a larger factory, with a vision of building a food company that made preservative-free food that can be cooked at home. Now, there are more than 65,000 retail stores across the 14 cities of which about 12,000 have refrigeration. This is where iD fresh distribute the batter on a daily basis to its customers. To expand business in India, the company raised funds of INR 35 crores from venture partners in 2014. With this capital it opened up seven factories and eight offices. Now the company is manufacturing more than 50,000 kgs of idlis/dosas batter per day which is equivalent to millions of idlis. The company is also expanding the business by introducing Malabar Parontha and Chutney which is get very popular in Bangalore. Looking to expand its business, the company has now started produing batter for other food items such as, Vadas. They also include a spout in order to prevent the shape of the Vada from getting messed up and to obtain its perfect round shape. They are also planning to launch ragi dosa batter and it is projected that company will successfully cross its turnover by 200 crores in this year.
    Jul 06, 2017 95
  • Are you hungry and want to order tasty homemade food? Will you like to have a fresh and hot meal for today’s lunch?  FreshMenu is an online food delivery venture that provides a solution for all the questions above. Many new players are entering into the food delivery market to serve people as the online food delivery industry has grown drastically over the last few years. Some notable members of this industry are Foodpanda, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Freshmenu is a start-up founded by Rashmi Daga, an alumna of IIM-A in 2014. FreshMenu prepares meals and delivers from its own kitchen facilities. Freshmenu is a start-up in the online food delivery sector, which falls under the full stack food business model. This means that FreshMenu prepares food in house and have their own delivery fleet. In this model, a company can ensure the quality of food which they are delivering to the customers. FreshMenu function on a cloud kitchen model which is broadly identified as a mini-kitchen that caters only to online food delivery and does not offer dine in or take out. FreshMenu has 17 operating kitchens in Bangalore - Sarjapur, Whitefield, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Bellandur, Richmond Town, Indiranagar, JP Nagar, Hennur, BTM layout. According to concept of cloud kitchen, customer will be served by the nearest kitchen which in turn ensures the quality and freshness of the meal. FreshMenu is the fourth largest company in this sector with total revenues of INR 31.7 crores in the year 2016-17, up from INR 84 lakhs in the previous financial year. However, the losses too increased from INR 2.31 crore in financial year 2015-16 to INR 33.8 crores in financial year 2016-17. FreshMenu is owned and operated by Food Vista India Pvt. Ltd. FreshMenu started in Bangalore and now the company has expanded business and its services to Mumbai and Delhi-NCR. Company has raised almost $ 22 million from investors including Zodius Technology Fund, Lightspeed Ventures Partners and Growth story. As per latest interview of Rashmi, FreshMenu will be net profitable within the next 12 months, as they are opening up even more kitchens and plan to expand services. Rashmi is planning to open almost 80 more kitchens by the end of next 2 years. Now, Fresh menu has almost 26 kitchens in three cities i.e, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.  
    Jul 06, 2017 91
  • India is evolving into a hub of businesses and different business ideas.  Nowadays, many students are coming up with new and unique business ideas, many of which are converted into startups. Digitization of businesses also provides a platform for these startups to blossom. FreshToHome is one of the companies which came into picture with the new and innovative idea of online fish venture. Mathew Joseph, co-founder of FreshToHome had started his business with the name: SeaToHome Company in 2012. He exported fish from Cochin to Delhi and Bangalore. SeaToHome venture was probably one of India’s first ventures in the food space which provided fresh fish to the consumer at their very doorstep. However, not being a consumer player and other limitations made it very difficult for Mr. Mathew to scale and succeed in the market. Statistics of Indian Fisheries Ministry evaluated the fish industry in India to be worth $50 billion .This number further increases for the entire meat industry. Looking for an opportunity to enter the fresh meat market, Mr Shan, a former Zynga Country Manager and Founder and CEO of Dbaux, convinced Mr. Mathew to come aboard as co-founder. They expanded their line of business from just fish to meat and also changed the company’s name from SeaToHome into FreshToHome. They also put together a new team consisting of former Zynga employees, advisors and executives.- BM Tambakad, Suresh Parameshwaran, Jayesh Jose, Nikamal Malakar and Prashun Purkayastha. FreshToHome has implemented a very interesting idea in their website. They explain to us the entire process of the meat industry, with pictures. According to them, fisherman spend anywhere between three weeks to three months at sea. As you probably guessed already, the fish is stale by the time it reaches the shore. Fishermen either freeze the fish or use chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine or even formalin in order to preserve the fish they catch. These chemicals are harmful in the long run and can even cause food poisoning. This fish is then transported to cities such as Delhi, Bangalore etc where we consume them approximately 3 months after they are caught. All this might compel you to stop consuming meat entirely, but this is where FreshToHome steps in. They guarantee that the meat they provide will be chemical and antibiotic free. They deal with the fishermen and ranchers directly, maintaining a constant supply of meat. Hence they bridge the gap between the suppliers and consumers through their technology, inherently reducing the time taken for the meat to reach the consumer.   “In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it is important for one to understand and consume fresh and chemical-free food. At Fresh to Home, we take great pride in enabling a first of its kind market place for fish & meat, which will ensure direct procurement from the fishermen or farmers without any middlemen in between. We are not Hyper Local but Hyper Fresh as we provide the freshest of fresh food to you straight from the source” said Shan Kadavil, CEO of FreshToHome.   Now FreshToHome is operating in Bangalore, Cochin, Trivandrum and Delhi. It was launched in Bangalore in March 2016 and is doubling sales every three months. Mr. Kadavil, is looking to expand his business to 20 cities in 2017. Currently, the company has more than 80,000 customers in Kochi, Thiruvanathapuran, Bangalore, Mysore and Delhi, with this number steadily on the rise. Two out of three are repeat customers of FreshToHome. The company, which clocks in 3 tons of produce per day has seen 65% month on month customer retentions. The company is working with 10000+ fishermen to supply the fresh fish to the customers. FreshToHome’s main competitor has been the other big player in the market, The Bigbasket, an online grocery store. There are other competing players like Easy-Meat, Zappfresh and Licious, as they also offer fresh meat. The company has angel investment from Mark Pincus, founder of gaming company Zynga, and Google Ventures CEO, David Krane. As per statistics, the company has achieved the fastest zero to $5 million revenue in the E-commerce sector in India in such short span of time. As per, the FreshToHome website is currently valued at USD $5,811 and reaches roughly 1,773 unique users each day. These users generate 7,960 daily views, with a revenue (from advertisements) of approximately USD $8 per day.
    Jul 05, 2017 44
  • In the modern era, all enterprises require an elaborate business model in order to succeed in the market and deliver on their promises. One such business is Instacart, an on-demand grocery delivery platform. It caters to the needs of people in most of the major cities in the US and was founded by Apoorva Mehta (CEO / Founder) and Max Mullen (Co-Founder). Instacart is valued at $3.4 billion and has received over $400 million in investment as of July, 2017. With their headquarters located in San Francisco, California, they are right in the midst of the Silicon Valley, the innovation hub of the world.   One of the things that set this company apart from its competitors is the fact that they guarantee delivery within the hour. This is an obvious advantage over other such companies and a convenience that the customers surely enjoy. We can see that Instacart has built itself quite the reputation given the amount of funding it has received from its investors. Instacart is available in major cities of the USA including SF Bay Area, San Jose, NYC, Brooklyn, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Austin, Seattle and Los Angeles.   Instacart allows you to choose from over 3,000,000 items and that too from a store or chain of your preference. The way this works is that Instacart partners with supermarkets in order to create its inventory and then hires its own runners in order to ensure swift delivery. You can order from your phone on your way back from work, or via your laptop as per your convenience. The runners receive the order on their smartphones and they then proceed to collect all the goods from the required supermarket. This system works efficiently as the runners are incentivized with tips that they receive at the time of delivery.    You can order anytime you want using this service and at $150 per year you can get the Instacart express membership. Having this membership makes you eligible for free delivery for the year and groceries right at your doorstep.    MAJOR COMPETITORS FOR INSTACART Instacart is not without its fair share of competitors and given below is a list stating a few: Amazon Prime Google Express Walmart Target Shipt Postmates CVS Walgreens   The current number of followers of Instacart  is 422,488 on facebook and 15350 on Twitter. Instacart also has a 4.7 star rating in the Google Playstore.  
    Jul 05, 2017 177
  • FlipClass is a platform that was designed to address the immediate need of increasing the visibility of qualified affordable tutors to parents. flipClass was founded by Vineet Dwivedi, a serial entrepreneur from India. The main need for such a startup was the unavailability of professional tutors who could carry out their task in an efficient manner. Tutors must have qualities such as communication skills, knowledge of the subject, approachability along with being able to make the subject matter interesting for the student. After months of searching, frustration and the desire to help people in need, Mr Dwivedi started flipClass.   Vineet started flipClass with the sole objective of providing a more professional approach to home tutoring. With teachers being filtered by professionals and trained by experts, the brand of flipClass was established over time. Tutors were trained in all the fields mentioned above in order to be as professional as possible. To this end many screening procedures are adopted. As of now they have more than 2000 tutors and this number is only growing. They are also open to feedback and attempt to make their app better every single day.   Today, flipClass is India's leading home tuition marketplace, that aims to provide affordable, reliable and personalized tutoring for your child, in the comfort of your home. flipClass uses MySQL(structured query language)/flat file system for data storage. The big data tools are built on the open source platform and use the functional language, mainly, Haskell along with R and Python as functional language. For visualization of data flipClass uses D3.js .The d3.js library has revolutionised visualization by making it easier to parse data and meaningful interactivity. An attractive feature of flipClass is it has an efficient self learning algorithm that keeps on improving itself daily. Every interaction between the parent and the tutor is recorded on the platform and feedback is taken and further modifications are made. The app provides satisfaction to the needs of the student and the parent by providing better quality education for students. The platform tries to optimise multiple parameters to achieve this objective. The moment a parent lands on the flipClass site, a cookie is created for him. After the requirements are filled in a lead form, it is linked to the cookie that was created. FlipClass finds out how many pages the parent has viewed on its site, time spent on a particular page, number of times he/she has come back to the site and so on. They then compile all this data and study it to make the site better in order to provide an even better experience to its users. Taking into account the technology used by flipClass along with its dedication towards providing a better education to our youth, we can safely say that this startup is on the right path. The market is immense, with exams getting all the more competitive and it looks like flipClass has found the mantra to succeed in this business.  
    Jul 05, 2017 217
  • I remember finding my childhood photographs in photo albums that were long forgotten until I found them last year lying in the store place beneath my bed. It has been a normal practice to keep photographs of the newly born as they are really precious to the new parents and also to the family. However, maintaining these pictures is a tedious task. Today in the world of digitization its really easy to capture the moments of a baby’s first smile or videos of his first step or simply the first time it calls ‘Ma’ through mobile phones, handy cams. But what when the same are overlapped with a lot many pictures poured in and lost somewhere within the cloud storage. Weren’t the initial pictures as dear as the present ones? What if technology provides you with a platform to record and share significant milestones of your baby? Furthermore you can explore them with just a click of a button, rejuvenating the same ecstatic feeling. Babyonboard is a venture set up by Aditya Kulkarni and Rakesh Shivran in October, 2016. Their aim is to provide a platform for socializing along with parenting. Not only can you capture and record these precious milestones, this app also helps you with the day to day care of the baby.     The Glam Baby world Honestly speaking, friends and family that have just taken on parenting, find a baby's world competitive too! They want what's best for their child, be it the child's room or the theme of the birthday party, the parents want to do it all and that too perfectly. Babyonboard is on with it providing solutions and new innovations, revolutionizing the baby's world and just comforting a mom's world. Play Room ideas to keep the baby busy while the mother gets some time for her own self and the 'no, I don't want to eat this' taken care under the Feeding section. The writers have taken proper care about the basic muddles of parents and provided with the data best fit for the children.The Baby Miles section gives reward points to the moms who are active on-board moms enthusiastically maintaining there baby's social diary and guiding other moms to be the perfect one.   Babyonboard recently has raised an undisclosed round of seed funding from Anant Pandit of Gana Yantrika Systems.Other investors included Mahavir Sharma from the Rajasthan Angel Investors Network, Vishal Jain, Head of Projects at Honeywell, Rohit Sethi, L&D Head at Arthur D. Little Dubai and Gaurav Luniya of CMS Infosystems. A few months before, the number of moms on board was about 25K which has drastically increased to a 45K just showing the target market's joy in getting along with the venture. Babyonboard is on the final stage of collaborating with various baby care brands. They have even considered proposals from their on board moms for the same. The funds raised will be utilized for product development and mobile technology to enhance user experience on the platform. They have already launched their application on Android currently having over 10K downloads to its name. This Bangalore based startup has started taking toddler steps to a huge target market. But with competition from ventures such as First Smile and Tinybeans, they need to work harder on new innovations to catch up a faster pace. New events in the industry are required to catch the parents attention. Launching products that are not available in the market can prove a boon to Babyonboard. Overall its a great venture making lives of moms easier by helping them provide a perfect balance between being a mother and other daily routine tasks.  
    Jul 05, 2017 819
  • Are you prepared to be profoundly immersed in the journey of glamour? How about we enter into the realm of Nykaa! The word signifies “Actress” or one in the spotlight. is all about celebrating the star in you… It’s Indian e-commerce website, founded in 2012 by Falguni Nayar. It is headquartered in Mumbai,Maharastra. Nykaa sells beauty products of various brands, and ships to over 900 cities across the globe. Along with a blog that provides make-up tips, it has an expert panel of makeup stylists, and skin, hair, personal care experts to answer questions related to beauty, health, nutrition and personal care. Nykaa also introduced private labelled products in the bath and body care category in March of 2016. Now they have added many international brands on their website including products from South Korea, U.S.A, etc. Nykaa has raised funds for Project "Nanhi Kali" on the occasion of International Women’s Day, 2015. Project Nanhi Kali is an Indian NGO for education of girl child, provides primary education to underprivileged girl child in India. With 35000 products, well priced and 100% certified brands, Nykaa offers a wide range of makeup, skincare, hair care, fragrances, bath and body, luxury and other wellness products for women and men. Unlike Bigger e-commerce players marketplace model Nykaa trusts in holding the greater part of their stock i.e. around 85% of stock. This helps Nykaa to provide a good user experience with fast delivery. To maintain the reputation for product quality and reliability, it also makes sure to put in all the efforts to do so, from – arbitrary inspecting of the items that are near expiry, surprise checks at the warehouse to make sure all quality control measures are implemented, and choosing the most reliable courier partners the nation over It ensures that only original products are sold, Nykaa also controls the entire value chain from item sourcing to conclusive sale as well. Further for all your queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with or chat with them by clicking on the “Chat with us” tab at the bottom of the screen. There are generally 3 types of customers; first the ones who have no time to visit bricks and motor, second the ones who are shopaholic and beauty addicts, third the one who have no idea about beauty products. In a constantly evolving internet, and with fluctuating customer demands Nykaa understands its customer better. The company offers a considerable amount of education through their online magazine “Beauty Book”, and also have a YouTube channel called “Nykaa TV” on which they keep uploading a number of how-to videos. To promote their content, Nykaa uses social media platforms for lead generation and also launches various offers to convert them into sales. With the social media and their content, Nykaa, has managed to gain a pan-India presence amongst its targeted audience. They also provide various offers and discount to keep its customer base intact. With launch of their own Private Label and Beauty Services it has become crucial for them to do offline activation which led them try out Experiential Marketing for their promotion, as well. This allowed Nykaa to make more grounded bonds with consumers. Nykaa uses a high end content and people consume content. This has helped Nykaa to establish a good team for its content strategy. Keeping the users engaged through interesting contents on its blog and social media has attracted many customers on their web portal. Nykaa offers many coupons and offers to its customers so that they keep on purchasing items from the portal. The coupons and heavy discount that they provide helps to attract more more customer on daily basis. There are also 25 Nykaa experts who provides information or solves all queries related makeup and skin related issues.Further an offline retail store has been launched at IGI Airport, Terminal-3, New Delhi to give customers an experience of touch and feel and the other stores are in Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai. Nykaa has generated INR 220 crores as its revenue for the year 2015-16 and about 90-95% were repeated customers.. Within 4 years, the company has grown vastly. Soon after its launch IN 2012 the company acquired its niche over the social media platforms and till now Facebook has 1.4 million fans while Twitter has 11.1K followers with more than 133K followers on Instagram. With the continuous promotion and offers over the social media platforms, the company now gets more than 50,000 unique visitors each month and on an average 80% of them being women. They had now expanded to over 350 brands and 35,000 products and were also claiming to have sold more than 1.25 million products to 178,659 customers till date. You are just a click away if you don’t have Nykaa in your pockets.Just don’t be late in entering Nykaa world. In the near future Nykaa will be further expanding brick and mortar presence to motivate reverse showrooming trend by Nykaa lux brands and are in plans to grow 30 stores by 2030.The major reason behind success of the business is Art Of Retailing. As customer satisfaction is at priority Nykaa provided customers with online assistance and also made the people aware of the products they should prefer according to their skin types. Further right mix of discounts and quality products adds to great value and the same is expected in the future.  
    Jul 05, 2017 43
  • Are you packed with heavy luggage and have to travel around with it? Stressed with where to keep this luggage? Bag2bag takes care of this problem for you. Luggage, storage, pickup, drop, freshen up all in one! Hurray! Their job is helping the customers offload their luggage and deliver it in the desired time to a location of your choice. It is a Bangalore based company, founded in January 2016 with 6 employees working for it. Bag2bag transforms the way people carry their luggage and travel with it, by providing same day pickup and delivery service. It is an app that uses call based booking. In addition to that, they also provide travel arrangements for you, such as a mini stay in a hotel.  It provides a low cost, high tech mobile storage solution for the travellers. Variable bus timings, departure and arrival time are all at your service, as getting bored on early arrival is never fun. At the same time you do not want to miss out on exploring the city either. Here too it is difficult for thr travellers to carry their luggage from place to place. Furthermore, for the mini stay the hotels are provided as per the customers choice and convenience. They are categorized into-5/4 star hotel, business, boutique, budget hotels and service apartments. Hence it’s a one place solution that travellers always wanted, as it will store the bags with just a phone call booking. The luggage is delivered safely and securily without any damage, at any destination within the city, within a given time because bag2bag believes that ”service delayed is service denied” The price for mini stay and luggage transferring from one place to another is affordable as mini stay starts with Rs150 with Bag2bag makes the stay worthwhile and the bookings can be done on hourly basis instead of paying for the entire day. The inflow of cash is based on purchases or using the app for booking the services provided by the sites. Customers willingness to pay increases with customers satisfaction and with the apps ability to generate results it should not have difficulty in finding a user base. The outflow of cash is based purely on the marketing, as that is always the first step taken towards an apps' success.  With customer satisfaction and making the customers aware of the app it has more potential to grow in the future as this is a solution to most of the travellers problem. Although this facility is currently available in Bangalore, surely in due course it will be made available in other cities and states as well. So keep travelling and that too trouble free.  
    Jul 04, 2017 34
  • Short of time? The best articles and news are handpicked for you. Inshorts (previously known as News In Shorts) is a Delhi-based company that is known for its content discovery and distribution application for android and IOS. It takes news and other content such as videos, info graphics, and blogs, and summarizes them in 60 words or less. As of April 2015, the app has been downloaded over one million times and was one of the highest rated Indian news apps. Inshorts pushes content to its app, consisting of news and other updates that are each 60 words or less. The Company employs a team that manually provides the 60 word summary for each feed. The feed is divided into categories such as national, business, sports, and technology. The app is available for both Android and IOS operating systems. Azhar Iqubal the founder of inshorts just wanted the users to spend five minutes on his app. People have less time to go into detailed article and so the apps aim was to make reading news more convenient for people. The problem was people get information from different social sites, but Inshorts doesn’t want to compete with them. The thing that made Inshorts different from all other news app is that it tells the news in 60 words. The targeted users are those who don’t want to read the entire news but wants to know the headlines. While the readers go through snapshots of the news, a branded content is shown to the users and it adds up to revenue with each click. The content is pushed below a popular story, so readers discover it by themselves like just a regular ad. Inshorts has tied up with Zomato and Amazon. There are a few media houses who have partners of such sature. For every click on the ads, Inshorts receives a commission. The app is free to download and for all users. As its focus is on presenting news in just under 60 words, it is important for the team to focus on the quality of their matter. That along with getting more users on their platform. The company that used to provide news about just sports, entertainment, national and other international segments has expanded to opinions, analysis, life style, personal finance and career. Before April 2016 Inshorts didn’t made any money. They worked on the money received from venture capitalists and had no revenue model in particular. With lack of time and busy schedules of people, Inshorts knew that they had a certain target segment. Also, recently Inshorts seems to have figured out their revenue model. It has signed partnership with 5 ecommerce companies-Zomato, Bookmyshow,Tripigator, Car dekho and Bike dekho and will provide the ads for the same. The brand centric contents will be provided with bit of personalization and will also help the brands to reach the right customers. Also it has partnership with 30 publishers to position it to give better content. The company has crossed over 3 million users in February 2016 and hopes to expand more. They are working on the personalization engine that will understand the users interest based on their usage and recommended options and then push only the articles which interest the people. With people only getting busier with time, it’s providing an opportunity for the app to grow as well as helping people be up to date. It is also on its way to building a recommended engine that would serve highly targeted and contextual content to every app user. With people demanding for a comment box and search tab, it further could be related how important the app is and will be becoming in the future. It is expected to cross 5 million downloads soon. Newshunt can be a competitor but still the model is relatively different. As according to Iqubal, focus should be on keeping the culture intact since culture is the framework that drives decision making. Secondly knowing opportunities and threats is important to know how to deal with the risk, and thirdly, striving towards maintaining the right balance between the things that’s needed for survival and things to do for the possibility of disruption are the key factors to be kept in mind in order to be successful. Inshorts has a long way to go, so we should all just enjoy the experience of "know it all". 
    Jul 04, 2017 37
  • From VOIP to Gaming, Saurabh Aggarwa,l the one who introduced to us, flush or flash, changed the way he wanted to serve the world. He has a masters and Ph.D. degree, which in itself is an accomplishment.This may have something to do with his genes as, his father did his post-graduation in electronics from the US in 1969 whereas, his grandfather had a Ph.D. and was a professor at Ramjas College, New Delhi. Following the legacy and keeping the tradition alive, Saurabh went to Stanford and got a job in networking equipment. Fast forward 13 years, Saurabh is the man behind India’s most popular mobile app game, Teen Patti. Based in Noida, Octro was founded in 2006 and is today known to be the most versatile mobile gaming company in India. Two of its games, Teen Patti and Rummy, are among the top 5 games in multiple categories in the Google Play Store. Octro raised $15million in series A funding in 2014 from Sequoia Capital. If you’ve played ‘teen patti’ on your phone, you’re one of the 10 million users who downloaded this attraction. The company behind this game, Octro, is now eight years old. When he was planning to name his new company, after selling his old one, Octro was the only five letter domain available and hence he went on to name his gaming organization, Octro. Initially, Octro started doing VOIP (voice over IP) for the first six years, which got them some OEMs and some direct consumer customers. The team had built a communication product for almost every platform — for Windows phone, Symbian. The growth of the gaming industry was fueled by the growth of the internet and smart phone users. The mobile gaming market size is estimated to be worth $30 billion, but it’s challenging for the mobile gaming companies to monetize. The biggest problem which this industry faces is loss of gamer’s interest after its peak. This is because every product has a life cycle which follows a curve from development to decline in the gaming industry. The main focus hence should be given on making the decline rate slower by getting proper customer feedback time to time. Octro has been working on a b2b gaming platform that makes game which have Indian feel such as teen patti. Octro was not the first to introduce a game like teen patti to gaming world, but was the one to come up with best quality app in the country. It is further planning to open up their platform as an EIR program, which focuses on getting developers that can build Octro. The launch of Teen patti was followed by Rummy and Tumbola.   Failure often leads to success, and in this dynamic world it is very important to change the way one looks at life, if things dont always work out. Hence many start-ups changed their business model to sustain in the market. The journey of Octro from internet calling service provider to gaming sector symbolizes the same. Changing the business model is not as difficult for start-ups as it is for larger,established companies. Hence sniffing opportunity and change paved a way to success. The birth of Octro with introduction of teen patti was quite similar to the communication industry as it also connected many users across the world. This clearly shows Saurabh never lost the essence of his very first business. So this indicates that Octro is on the track to giving tough competition to competitors such as Zattikka, Junglee Games ,Ranking Heros, Nenx Limited. It makes money by selling digital goods within the app, which is a card game app. With more than 10 million downloads, teen patti is one of the highest revenue generating gaming app in the country. By December 2016 it earned approx. 30 lakhs. Furthermore funding worth 90 crores was also received from Sequoia. This indicates that somewhere the game is estimated to be valued around 400 crore. This company focuses on virtual currencies and thereforth permitting these games to be played for money will help the app find new customers and in  also in advertising their app.The revenue comes from the active user base of over 20lakh players. It gained such a large user base within a short span of time because the games are culturally relevant.The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing sector which is worth INR2350 crore. India is the third fastest growing gaming mobile app market.The three card game has become addiction among Indians. Octro sells virtual currency after getting real currency. The application developer sells the virtual money at the rate of INR4209 for INR1 crore .This addiction itself shows the growth that the company will have in next few years. For any business to survive, gaining a huge customer base and making the decline rate slower is important and Octro understood this the best. As every coin having two sides, the concept of virtual money is now becoming boon and ban both. With increase in addiction among people there are also chances that the game may get banned in nearby future as its wasting the productive time of the youth. Indeed games should be played as games and not something to get addicted to.The unofficial market is also involved in a way of earning through virtual money where, it started selling virtual money from INR750 for INR 1crore. A group of people play teen patti and they win the chips which they further sell to the people who require them. Either ways fireworks are truly expected from this game in the upcoming days.
    Jul 04, 2017 51