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  • 29 Nov 2016
    The business world is progressing faster on the virtual platform. More and more business companies are opting for the technological ways to promote their ideologies and attract clients. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an essential role here. Because it is the determining factor of how many visitors you earn online in the results provided by the search engine. You need to be at the top to win here too. You can hire web experts for this purpose.   Source: WDNet Studio   They shall tell you some important points to be remembered - 1. Site Speed : The slow speed of the website bugs customers the most. They hate to see the loading symbol for long. Yes, of course, their time is precious. So is your company’s reputation. So, to avoid areduction in the number of visitors on your website, take a note of the speed your website serves and work upon it accordingly. 2. Broken links : The links redirect the visitors to your website and give an insight to what your company does and the services that you offer. But broken links might cause a hurdle between the path between you and your customers. It is as bad as the slow web speed. So make sure to fix the broken links to enable your visitors to reach your website smoothly.  3. Natural content : Not all visitors are used to the tough and technical language used by your company. So try to keep the language as simple as possible on your website. Nowadays, the SEO prefers using the natural language used by surfers than the jargon you use.   Source:   4. Use the onsite elements : Your website needs to be more appealing. So add colours to it by adding the suitable images, videos or sounds through other websites linked to yours. This will attract more and more visitors to your website.
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  • 29 Nov 2016
    The business world speaks only two languages- profit or loss. Be it the buyer or the seller, each one needs to check his pocket and spend wisely. If one of them is in profit, the other one obviously incurs a loss. Is there any solution midway to keep a balance? It is negotiation. It is not very simple to negotiate though. You must know the art of negotiating through a few simple steps -   Source:   1. Be decisive enough : This is the first step towards negotiating. You must be sure of what you actually need so that you can debate upon negotiating according to your budget. It is sometimes confusing to choose and you end up listening to the opposite party and fail in negotiating. This will automatically result in their profit and your loss. So, leave for your destination with the perfect choice in your mind so that you can negotiate well. 2. Know about what you want : You must have thorough knowledge about what you are going to negotiate. Be it a small thing like buying some stuff or cracking a big business deal, you ought to have the complete details and fact file updated in your mind to help you negotiate better and save your pocket by a considerable but big amount. 3. Be aware of the market : Knowing about the on-going deals and prices in the market helps a lot to determine your extent of negotiation. You must have full information about the market and the possible profit or loss. In case you are the buyer, it will prevent you from getting fooled.   Source: 4. Communication skills : Well, those convincing words matter a lot. You must have great communication skills and the ability to convince the other person to negotiate according to you and keep a balance between both the sides.
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  • 29 Nov 2016
    Generating a new and unique idea for a business start-up does not alone give a kick start to your business. Got a team to work its heart out? That’s amazing. But still, there is one piece left to complete your puzzle. A start-up can’t really start without proper funding. Yes, because you need to have the appropriate investments to rely upon while starting a new business, especially the ones you cannot afford individually or even as a team. Attracting more and more funding is a hard nut to crack for newbies. Here is a kind of tutorial for them - 1. Plan out the funds required : Before approaching or even listing out the investors, it is necessary to chalk out your business requirements and goals and the investments needed that follow it. You must have a properly planned out sheet of the funding you need so that you can approach the right investor.   Source: 2. Build up a great team : This is where the power of unity actually counts. The investor won’t readily see the efforts that you promise to put in individually, he would prefer to check out how promising and dedicated your whole business team is. Make sure to build the ideal team that impresses the investors and wins you the required funding.   Source:   3. Your scope in market : It is a matter of profit and loss for the investors mainly. They will never fund a business that is prone to suffer heavy losses. So always do a research of how well your idea will sell in the market. Because the more customers you attract, the more investors would be attracted.   4. Back-up :  You never know if your investor pulls the plug at the end moment. Never stop your search for suitable investors and keep as many as you can as a back-up.
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  • 29 Nov 2016
    There are numerous articles that discuss success and the tips to achieve it. Success is that sweet fruit which every person wants to eat and hence works hard to sow and harvest on his farm. The path to success always revolves around an individual and is considered as the result of one’s efforts. But we forget to think about another aspect that plays an important role - following up and networking with the right people. They act as a catalyst for your efforts as an individual and launch you towards success. Here comes the question- how do I follow up with people and expand my network?   Image Source:   1. Make a list : Attending parties, functions, and casual meetings provide a great scope for meeting new people that may prove to be helpful in the future. Be a socially alive person and try to make new friends. Get to know about them and their professional life. After getting back from the party, make a list of the people you think are worthy of being in touch with.  2. Ping them : Approaching the person you just met at the party is useful as you are freshly remembered by them. Send them a message on any social networking site that links you and start a conversation.  3. Arrange a meeting : If they seem to be interested in your work, bravo! You have cleared level one. You can now go ahead to plan a meeting at a coffee shop or your office to discuss further work and start a new professional relationship. Source:   4. Stay in touch : If the person doesn’t respond positively to you, never mind. Just give it a last try and stay in touch. Things may work out later. As for the ones interested, keep taking your business talks further with them.
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Start Up Tips 50 views Nov 29, 2016
Intellectual Property- Why and How?

Every company has its own style of working and innovations. The spirit of being different from the rest keeps the competition alive. Also, it is mandatory to make sure that your unique idea doesn’t get copied. The trade mark or patents by your company makes them your company’s intellectual property. They cannot be legally acquired by someone else and give you added advantages in the market. Having your own trade mark or patent is like a cherry on the pie.



Here are some points to be noted -

1. Registration of trademark :

Right after the formation of your company, you need to give it a different identity. Giving it a name won’t help alone as many more companies might possess the same name. So you tag it with a unique trademark. It works as the identity of your company. You must register your trademark at the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

2. Getting your patent :

Got a unique innovation implemented? Get it patented as soon as possible. Once your work gets patented, it is impossible for somebody else to use the same work by their name. The patent describes your piece of innovation, how it is made, what it is made of and every minute detail. It would be illegal for other to use it.

 3. The power of patent :

Once your work gets patented, it has the power to rule the market for 20 years. You will be the sole manufacturer of it and nobody would be able to manufacture the same thing as you. In short, your company will stand alone in the market to sell that patented product.



4. Copyright :

This is another perk of intellectual property. You can declare your creative works of art or literature as copyright so that your idea does not get copied at any platform.

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