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Innovation postulates experimentation and experiments fail. The higher the risk of faliure, the more are the rewards of success. The rates of failure seen in the past created a need for a capital market that helps diversify startup risks and consolidates returns. Bornbrio, an innovation investment bank, is creating this startup capital market for innovation finance by bringing angel investors across the world together and by pricing and diversifying risks through a online book building mechanism, thus eliminating funding gaps and ensuring that funds are available for disruptive ideas, business innovation, crazy experimenation and larger value creation. If you are innovating to bring a positive change and have a vision for tomorrow, start your road show campaign for equity or loan and get funded today.

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" If not for Bornbrio, my fashion school will still be a dream !"

Founder, Vinsent Art World

" Bornbrio has equipped me with the financial knowledge to run my business ! "

Ramakrishna, Financial Analyst

" I am amazed with the value Bornbrio as a consultant brings to my business ! "

Ananth Jhawar, Innovator

" If you have an Idea that solves an existing problem, Bornbrio will find you your seed fund ! "

Preeti Sharma, Entrepreneur

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You have a vision for tomorrow and you believe in your idea and your execution capabilities. It is time to expand your entrepreneurship world and connect with angel investors, who are looking out for disruptive ideas with potential to change the world. Get employed by people, who invest in smarter people and who believe in your ability to turn their investments into goldmine and drive a positive change.

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